Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Top 20 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' Performances

What makes a great Your Face Sounds Familiar performance? For me, it varies in different aspects! Some contestants are born with talent and skills, some do uncanny impression, and some are just unforgettably explosive. So here's a list of the 20 best Your Face Sounds Familiar performances!!

Kakai Bautista as Eva Eugenio
Kakai got 8 pts for her Julie Andrews, but I thought this was her best performance. Underrated.

Sam Shoaf as MC Hammer
Exhilarating performance! Kulit ng batang 'to, just like MC Hammer.

Denise Laurel as Beyoncé
It might not be the best Beyoncé impression there is, but it's one of the most explosive performance of the show. Denise showed that she deserves to win with this performance.

Jay R as Alanis Morissette
Jay R is top tier in his season, and his Alanis Morissette is unforgettable.

KZ Tandingan as Jessie J
KZ is a late bloomer in her season but when she's great, she's all caps GREAT. This is first of her many mind-blowing performances in season two.

Jay R as Stevie Wonder
He might not look like Stevie Wonder, but his voice is spot on. SPOT ON!! Jay R is an underappreciated singer of our generation.

Elha Nympha as Dolly Parton
Simply beautiful! I think she's even better than Dolly Parton here.

KZ Tandingan as Tina Turner
Whether or not she's imitating Tina Turner, this is a brilliant number.

Edgar Allan Guzman as Daniel Padilla
Even Karla Estrada approves.

Sam Concepcion as Eminem
Sam has plenty of great performances but this one is the uncanniest. Sam has the complete package but doesn't always get the imitation part. His Eminem, minus the face, is perfect.

Nyoy as Sylvia La Torre
Nyoy is the most versatile contestant in YFSF, and dare I say that they also gave him some of the hardest icons to mimic. His Sylvia La Torre is just pure brilliance! Mad skills, Nyoy!

Awra Briguela as Mommy Dionesia
Awra's best performance

KZ Tandingan as Amy Winehouse
She killed it! Entertained to the core. She may not look like Amy Winehouse, but at least she looks like Ethel Booba.

Xia Vigor as Taylor Swift
Xia went viral for a reason. CUTIEST.THING.EVER!

Myrtle Sarrosa as Mystika
Those tears of hard work paid off. Like Denise, Myrtle is underrated in her season. Her Mystika is definitely one of my top 5 favorites in the world.

AC Bonifacio as Sarah Geronimo
If we base the results solely on performance, AC must be the first winner of YFSF Kids.

Elha Nympha as Sharon Cuneta
I doubted YFSF Kids at first because I didn't believe that these kids have the chops to imitate way older icons, but this performance proved me wrong. Way to go, Elha! Amazing voice control. 

Erik Nicolas as Willy Revillame
His first impression lasts. Erik's one and only outstanding performance in his season, is also one of the best in the show's history.

Denise Laurel as Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga is Lea Salonga, but Denise's version is surprisingly great that it's a crime she didn't win that week. This is the first week Denise truly impressed me, and despite winning the second season, she's one of the most underrated contestants of this show.

Melai Cantiveros as Elizabeth Ramsey
I expected Melai's Elizabeth Ramsey impersonation to be funny, but it ended up being poignant. If there's a term, "on poignant", this is it.

All videos from ABS CBN Entertainment and Your Face Sounds Familiar.