Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cinemalaya 2014 Plummy Awards

I've only watched 8 Cinemalaya films this year -- 2 in Directors Showcase category and 6 in New Breed -- so instead of predicting the winners for tonight's Awarding ceremony, I decided to just come up with my personal awards for the 8 entries I've seen. Never mind their categories.

Here are the eligible films:

Best Picture
Children's Show
Sundalong Kanin

I went back and forth between #Y and Dagitab as my top favorite. I watched both films during my first day of Cinemalaya movie marathon and 7 days after, I'm still torn between the two. At the end of my Day 1, I was sure that #Y is my favorite but days passed, I can't stop thinking about the beauty of Dagitab. In the end, since today is what matters, I'm rewarding Giancarlo Abrahan's Dagitab. It's mesmerizing, it's technically golden and I think it should be a contender for our country's submission at the Oscars.

Best Actor
Arnold Reyes (Kasal)
Buboy Villar (Children's Show)
Elmo Magalano (#Y)
Nathaniel Brit (Sundalong Kanin)
Nonie Buencamino (Dagitab)

Nathaniel Brit and Buboy Villar proved to be serious young actors. Arnold Reyes in Kasal is committed, brave and truly impressive. But for me, the two standouts are Elmo Magalona and Nonie Buencamino. Elmo Magalona has a lot of award baity scenes in #Y particularly his telephone conversation with Chynna Ortaleza's character. Nonie Buencamino on the other hand gave a much more quiet performance but nothing short of brilliance. In the end, Buencamino's silence yet consistent performance in Dagitab prevails. I'm a sucker for actors who play quiet characters yet manages to be compelling and moving.

Best Actress
Eula Valdez (Dagitab)
Mylene Dizon (Mariquina)
Nora Aunor (Hustisya)
Nova Villa (1st Ko Si 3rd)

Nora Aunor is such a joy to watch in Hustisya. As one of my friends described her, her performance is very anti-Nora. She flips, she jokes, she curses and still, she remains lovable. Mylene Dizon's subtle and mature performance in Mariquina is also quite commendable. She doesn't need OTT scenes to be good. Her facial expressions alone are excellent. Nova Villa in 1st Ko Si 3rd is adorable. I think it's one of her best performances to date especially she's given a material where she was able to broaden her potential. But despite these great performances, Eula Valdez in Dagitab got my love. She's one of the reasons why I love Dagitab. Her performance is very natural and raw. Reminds me of Berenice Bejo in The Past. I hope she wins tonight!

Best Supporting Actor
Art Acuña (Sundalong Kanin)
Martin Del Rosario (Dagitab)
Miggs Cuaderno (Children's Show)
Paolo O'hara (Sundalong Kanin)
Ricky Davao (Mariquina)

I think Art Acuña blows everyone out of the water with his performance for Sundalong Kanin. So good and one of my favorite performances in this year's Cinemalaya. Paolo O'hara in the same movie is a close second for me though.

Best Supporting Actress
Barbie Forteza (Mariquina)
Bing Pimentel (Mariquina)
Chynna Ortaleza (#Y)
Coleen Garcia (#Y)
Divine Grace Aucina (Children's Show)
Ruby Ruiz (1st Ko Si 3rd / Kasal)

I love everyone in this category that I had a hard time picking only 5 of them so I chose 6. Barbie Forteza was a revelation in Mariquina. This lady is going to be a serious actress one day. Ruby Ruiz is a great comedian and I hope to see more of her in the future. Bing Pimentel in Mariquina is compelling and she turned out to be my favorite character in the film even if her character is supposed to be unlikable. But the top 3 for me is Divine Grace Aucina (Lupita Nyong'o), Coleen Garcia (Jennifer Lawrence)  and Chynna Ortaleza (Julia Roberts). I never considered Ortaleza a serious actress but her brief yet amazing performance in #Y changed it all. She's great! Coleen Garcia on the other hand is such a revelation and if not for her, I wouldn't enjoy #Y as much as I did. Aucina's portrayal of Kara is brave, surprising and impressive and she had me at her boxing scene. In the end, JLaw wins this time as Coleen Garcia is my winner for Best Supporting Actress in this batch.

Best Director
Giancarlo Abrahan (Dagitab) - WINNER
Gino Santos (#Y)
Milo Sogueco (Mariquina)
Roderick Cabrido (Children's Show)

Best Screenplay
Gian Abrahan (Dagitab) - WINNER
Janice O'Hara, Denise O'Hara (Sundalong Kanin)
Jeff Stelton (#Y)

Best Score
1st Ko Si 3rd - WINNER
Children's Show
Sundalong Kanin

Best Editing
Children's Show
Sundalong Kanin

Best Cinematography
Children's Show
Dagitab - WINNER

9 nominations - #Y
8 nominations - Dagitab, Children's Show
7 nominations - Mariquina, Sundalong Kanin
3 nominations - 1st Ko Si 3rd
2 nominations - Kasal
1 nomination - Hustisya

6  - Dagitab
2  - #Y
1  - Sundalong Kanin, 1st Ko Si 3rd