Saturday, March 1, 2014


For the premiere, J'Tia Taylor wins the precious Plummy. (Just like Stephen Fishbach's Fishy)

18. David
I can't believe I even liked him before. He's not rude whatsoever but he's kind of dumb in playing Survivor, but dumb is an understatement in Luzon tribe. Note: Luzon tribe is the Brains tribe so... the irony.

 17. Garrett
I don't understand how he has fans. I guess for the first half of the episode he showed that he's decent at playing the game but he went the complete opposite at the last half. Whiny and annoying and once again, dumb. Another one from the Brains tribe.

16. Jeremiah
I think Jeremiah is a nice guy but he didn't do anything spectacular in the premiere. He made the Beauty tribe's fire but the editors chose to highlight the girls' reaction from his fire making prowess than him being the hero.

15. Alexis
She's really nice to look at. Her smile is infectious. But I feel like her promise during her interviews went to shitter when other people on her tribe feels like she's just a plain flirt. Didn't hear much from her in terms of gameplay so I guess, Alexis is not a player to watch out for.

14. Woo
Woo is pleasant enough but he's too vanilla compared to the rest of the cast.

13. Jefra
I've heard so many southern accents in the past seasons of Survivor but hers is probably the most adorable. Unfortunately, she didn't do much in the premiere and next week it looks like she's gonna crumble. :/

12. LJ
As boring as LJ is, I give him credit for being a good puzzle solver. Proving that the Beauty tribe also has the Brains and LJ is one of the reasons why the Brains tribe should be ashamed of themselves.

11. Tony
Already reminiscent of Russell Hantz. His shenanigans, his lies, his focus on idols, etc. He's a character and unlike Hantz, I actually like Tony. There's something unique about him. It's probably the accent. I think he's going to be a tolerable villain.

10. Trish
I still believe that Trish is going to win the game. She's visible even without doing anything groundbreaking. But her little fight with Lindsey showed that she has personality so I'm really excited for their brewing conflict. I don't know if it's smart that she didn't choose the idol, but I guess we'll see. I think she's in a great position in the Brawn tribe and she's still bound to shine.

9. Lindsey
I think I was right about my perception about her. She's not going to be that self-aware but she exceeded my expectations. I thought she's going to be miserable in the island but she actually seems like she's ready to kick ass. Love her feisty personality but I think she's not gonna last that long. I hope she does though.

8. Cliff
How can anyone dislike Cliff? Cliff's laugh alone is enough to like him. He just seems so gentle and he's probably the number one living epitome of a gentle giant. For now, I don't mind him being too nice even though that translates usually to being boring. Watch out for Tony, Cliff. You're his target ala Russell to Boston Rob in Heroes vs Villains.

7. Brice
I didn't expect to like Brice but I love that he's making the most of his position in the Beauty tribe. When he noticed that Jeremiah and LJ, and Alexis and Jefra would stick together, he grabbed the opportunity to befriend Morgan, who's been dubbed as the weakest of their tribe. Plus, he's got the personality. I love me some underdogs so I hope he succeeds. I like his plans!

6. Sarah
From being my least favorite player pre-show, she easily climbed up my top half favorites list by being the cool chick. She sort of reminds me of Kelly Wiglesworth except Sarah has more personality, a kick ass personality. Her quotess, her confessionals, her scenes with Tony, everything is great. I still have problems with her monotonic voice but I'm very thankful that the things that come out of it is filled with substance and badassery. I like!

5. Spencer
Surprisingly, Spencer seems to be the most levelheaded and normal in the Brainwrecks tribe. From his overconfident pre show interviews, I expected him to go the route of Matt Quinlan in One World. BUt alas, he's actually one of the safest player in their tribe but after the episode's conclusion, I think he's in huge danger. I really hope that the Brains tribe won't follow the likes of Saboga and Matsing. Perhaps, a tribal shuffle would help? 

4. Kass
Our savior! I'm ecstatic that Kass did the right thing by not siding with Garett the worst and choosing the side of the queens Tasha and J'Tia. We're all winners because of her. Sure, people could argue that J'Tia should have been voted out. She threw the rice in the fire for crying out loud but as a viewer, screw gameplay, it's all about entertainment and we should thank Kass for her decision to spare the chaos maker J'Tia. And like what she tweeted, ballistic J'Tia > Garrett. Another thing I like about her is that she showed several layers of her personality while sticking to her devil-may-care persona.

3. Tasha
I didn't expect Tasha to have a huge personality. I thought she's going to fade in the background but now, aside from her "THEN QUIT" moment which is very reminiscent of the Panama Cirie, she's also the supreme puppetmaster in the Brainwreck tribe now. She showed that she has personality and strategy -- makes for a great Survivor player or Survivor favorite rather. I hope they start winning because I can't afford to lose one of my top 5 players anytime soon but even if they do, Tasha is in a safe position anyway but please Survivorr Gods, let them win!

2. Morgan
I was ready to get my hopes up of Morgan's promise pre show but hey, she proved that I'm right about her. She's cunning and smart. But what I love about those qualities of Morgan, is that you will not expect it from her. She doesn't look intelligent but she's probably one of the most strategic in the Beauty tribe. Her first lie is brilliant and I think she excaped being caught. Currently, she has Jeremiah and Brice on her side. I think she's gonna go far.

1. J'Tiamazing
I knew that she's going to be a star. But now I can say that she's not the J'Tiangel that I expected but she remains to be J'Tiamazing. It's only the first episode but what she did throughout that one episode could bring any other past players to shame. In my book, she's already an All Star now who deserves to be in this year's Hall of Fame. She basically engineered all the reasons to get her voted out by throwing their rice on fire, failing on building a shelter, failing a puzzle despite their huge lead and despite being in the Brains tribe, bossing around her tribemates while not doing much of the work and still, she managed to survive the first two Tribal Councils. UN-FRICKIN-BELIEVABLE! She may not be the player that I predicted to be, but she's undeniably the star of Survivor Cagayan right now. She's rating. She's amazing for the wrong reasons, but those wrong reasons are also so damn right. I can't wait to see what she's up to for the next episode. AAAAAAh!


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