Wednesday, December 13, 2017

24th Screen Actors Guild Nomination Predictions - Film

1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
2. Mudbound
3. Lady Bird
4. The Post
5. Get Out

1. Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour
2. Timothee Chalamet, Call Me By Your Name
3. Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out
4. James Franco, The Disaster Artist
5. Tom Hanks, The Post

1. Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
2. Meryl Streep, The Post
3. Margot Robbie, I, Tonya
4. Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird
5. Sally Hawkins, The Shape of Water

Supporting Actor:
1. Willem Dafoe, The Florida Project
2. Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
3. Armie Hammer, Call Me By Your Name
4. Richard Jenkins, The Shape of Water
5. Mark Rylance, Dunkirk

Supporting Actress:
1. Laurie Metcalf, Lady Bird
2. Allison Janney, I, Tonya
3. Octavia Spencer, The Shape of Water
4. Mary J. Blige, Mudbound
5. Holly Hunter, The Big Sick

Monday, December 11, 2017

75th Golden Globes Nomination Predictions - Film

Best Motion Picture (Drama)
01. Dunkirk
02. Call Me By Your Name
03. The Post
04. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
05. The Shape of Water

Best Motion Picture (Comedy/Musical)
01. Get Out
02. Lady Bird
03. I, Tonya
04. The Disaster Artist
05. The Big Sick

Best Director 
01. Greta Gerwig, Lady Bird
02. Jordan Peele, Get Out
03. Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk
04. Steven Spielberg, The Post
05. Guillermo del Toro, The Shape of Water

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama)
01. Timothee Chalamet, Call Me By Your Name
02. Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour
03. Daniel Day Lewis, Phantom Thread
04. Tom Hanks, The Post
05. Jake Gyllenhaal, Stronger

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama)
01. Meryl Streep, The Post
02. Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
03. Sally Hawkins, The Shape of Water
04. Jessica Chastain, Molly's Game
05. Jennifer Lawrence, mother!

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Comedy/Musical)
01. James Franco, The Disaster Artist
02. Daniel Kaluuya, Get Out
03. Steve Carell, Battle of the Sexes
04. Adam Sandler, The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)
05. Hugh Jackman, The Greatest Showman

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Comedy/Musical)
01. Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird
02. Margot Robbie, I, Tonya
03. Judi Dench, Victoria and Abdul
04. Emma Stone, Battle of the Sexes
05. Salma Hayek, Beatriz at Dinner

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
01. Willem Dafoe, The Florida Project
02. Armie Hammer, Call Me By Your Name
03. Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
04. Michael Stuhlbarg, Call Me By Your Name
05. Richard Jenkins, The Shape of Water

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture
01. Laurie Metcalf, Lady Bird
02. Allison Janney, I, Tonya
03. Mary J. Blige, Mudbound
04. Octavia Spencer, The Shape of Water
05. Holly Hunter, The Big Sick

Best Screenplay 
01. Get Out
02. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
03. Lady Bird
04. The Shape of Water
05. Call Me By Your Name

Best Original Score
01. Dunkirk
02. The Shape of Water
03. Coco
04. Darkest Hour
05. The Post

Best Original Song
01. Remember Me, Coco
02. Mystery of Love, Call Me By Your Name
03. Visions of Gideon, Call Me By Your Name
04. Mighty River, Mudbound
05. Evermore, Beauty and the Beast

Best Foreign Language Film
01. BPM (Beats Per Minute)
02. Foxtrot
03. The Square
04. First They Killed My Father
05. Loveless

Best Animated Feature Film
01. Coco
02. The Breadwinner
03. Ferdinand
04. The Lego Batman Movie
05. Loving Vincent

7 - Call Me By Your Name, Shape of Water
5 - Lady Bird, The Post
4 - Get Out, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
3 - Coco, Dunkirk, I Tonya
2 - Battle of the Sexes, The Big Sick, Darkest Hour, The Disaster Artist, Mudbound

Monday, August 7, 2017

Ranking 2017 Cinemalaya feature-length entries

Top Tier
Respeto, Nabubulok, Kiko Boksingero

1. RESPETO (Alberto Monteras II)
Rap is not on top of my list when it comes to music genre. So I wasn't really excited about this after reading its synopsis when the official entries came out. This turned out to be my favorite of the bunch. It's cinematic, cohesive and a crowd-pleasing classic that is going to be a hit if studios pick this for a nationwide release. Like other classic Hollywood musicals, it plays with music and combines with other themes not devoid of depth. It does not rely on rap music or the usual ambition. In the end, it becomes a mirror of our current state and how the horror of the past is quickly repeating itself. On a lighter note, this is a star making turn for Abra who is charismatic and heartbreaking in the film. Ensemble includes Dido de la Paz, Loonie, Kate Alejandrino and Chai Fonacier, to mention a few, who are all terrific in each their own parts. In case it is not yet obvious, I am raving about this film and no shame about it.

2. NABUBULOK (Sonny Calvento)
Based on true events, Nabubulok delves into the conspiracy behind the sudden disappearance of Luna Harper, wife to Jason Harper who takes flight with his family.
Like Pamilya Ordinaryo last year, this movie is not the most pleasing to the eyes. But what it lacks in visuals, it makes up for its terrific ensemble and compelling & progressive narration. The audience is glued to the screen as the film gets better after every scene--creating gasps, scares and shockwaves throughout the theater. It's a murder mystery thriller that plays like a horror movie, and a legit frightening one to boot. The choreography of the POV shots makes its viewers seem like legit onlookers of what transpires. By the end of it, it does make you question who's the real bad guy.

3. KIKO BOKSINGERO (Thop Nazareno)
There's nothing more impressive than a filmmaker with clear vision of what it wants and what it doesn't want to say in his film. Thop Nazareno clearly narrated that the film doesn't want to focus on boxing, and instead he used it to tell a story of a young kid in need of a 'family'. It is simple and sweet, and in a festival where most of the time films tackle serious and depressing themes, Kiko Boksingero stands out because of its light-heartedness. It refuses to rely on confrontations or saccharine scenes even when it's deemed needed. Not to mention, its score and cinematography are top-notch. I would give this movie the Best Score award this year even with other films' competent pieces.

Baconaua, Bagahe, Sa Gabing Nanahimik ang mga Kuliglig

4. BACONAUA (Joseph Israel Laban)
Baconaua is beautiful to look at but is a bit of a head-scratcher. The film boasts of breathtaking visuals and good performances, but its subtlety could push its audience to their intellectual limit (or it's really just me). It has its moments of good suspense and storytelling, but gets lost somewhere in the middle of the film. Its exposition is not its strongest suit as some scenes are not explained well, and if it does, some scenes just don't make sense or add up to the eventual result. It's not a surrealist film, but it seemed like it wants to be one.

5. BAGAHE (Zig Dulay)
Mercy, an OFW who just returned home is investigated by the NBI after an infant was found in the trash of the airplane she boarded in.
One would appreciate that everything the film presents are covered in the end. However, that's also how this film suffered. The story wants to discuss everything involved in Mercy's situation, that it doesn't create interesting conflicts since everything is spoonfed and clues that are supposed to be subtle, are actually not. It doesn't help that the narration takes its time in establishing Mercy's case and its consequences. In the end, its stagnant storytelling makes it predictable, boring and unemotional when it should be the other way around. What saved this from being a total disaster is Angeli Bayani in one of her most authentic performance.

A priest and an altar boy's morals get tested after a woman in their community confesses to committing a murder.
Beautifully shot in the province of Cuyo, this movie explores themes of wrath and faith relying on several biblical verses in a melodramatic fashion. Moral dilemma is something one might find interesting, especially if this involves people of the church and Kuliglig took advantage of that only to end up falling flat. Technically, it is stylish and close-knit, with cinematography an Instagram junkie would be proud, but the overall story is just okay. Vicious cycle of revenge is something that we've already seen countless times. The movie could use some trimming in detours and instead focus to a more engaging plot--which to me is the moral dilemma of the priest. Then again, I am not sure why the police in that small community is quick to consult the priest regarding the murder. Is that really the norm?

Bottom Tier
Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha, Ang Guro Kong 'Di Marunong Magbasa, Requited
There is so much hype for this since they announced the news that this will be Sharon Cuneta's comeback in movies, and it got even more buzz when they released the teaser trailer. It is exciting to see Sharon Cuneta back in the big screen, and in an indie movie for that matter. But like Nora Aunor in Hustisya or Gretchen Barreto in The Diplomat Hotel, her Cinemalaya debut is a flop.

Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha starts with an animated tale of a myth about the titular family which shows a lot of promise that it's not going to be your regular drama. It is followed with a string of hilarious comedic sketches between Sharon Cuneta  and Moi Bien as Cora the cranky amo and Bebang the silly kasambahay, as if they are in a sit-com running for years. Their chemistry is great! But then it got lost on what it's trying to establish which is not really their relationship, but more on Cora's desperation in trying to unite her family. Towards the middle, the film keeps on introducing one plot after another, making an impression that it's trying to be quirky and mysterious which in the end gave more questions to its viewers. It is worth mentioning that Sharon Cuneta gave a chilling performance here but is diluted because it's over-the-top compared to its thin and ridiculous story. Moi Bien is the MVP of this movie. She's a natural star and makes the movie worth a bit of your time.

I watched this in CCP's Main theater and got to listen to some of the cast and crew talk about the heart and effort they gave in making this film and how it would be shown in different schools for its message. It worked for the film because it's so easy to mock it without having any context or idea about the people behind this. But reading that again, I probably just made it worse. This movie, for the lack of a better term, is hysterical and is not even aware of it. But it's hard to belittle this film when the message it wants to convey is sincere and timely especially in our country. And that is the reason why this is not last on my list. Yes, it is farcical even when the scene is supposed to be heartbreaking, laughable when it's supposed to be threatening and absurd when it's supposed to be teaching but it has good intentions and that matters. On the bright side, I think this will have a cult following in the years to come. Mon Confiado's commands will live in our hearts. For every putol ng kamay, there's a suka waiting to be poured, for every balatan ang talampakan, there's salt to be rubbed.

9. REQUITED (Nerizza Picadizo)
Requited seemed like the staple "hugot" romantic movie of this year's Cinemalaya and could have been a breath of fresh air considering the theme of the rest of this year's entries, only to end up falling really flat. Well, it is filled with "hugots" and can be considered romantic but when the two leads are insufferable, and together embarks in a biker trail adventure, it is a recipe for disaster. I just didn't know then that it will be too literal. Make no mistake, the premise sounds exciting but the characters here are not even lovable to hate. What it has though is an impressive cadenced cinematography that showcased the grandeur that is Mt. Pinatubo and one iconic hotdog scene that turned the audience bonkers. Speaking of which, its climax had the audience cackling. For what its worth, no one saw it coming.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Favorite songs from 'GIRLS'

One thing I love most about GIRLS is their songs. They're never pretentious, and they feature a variety of genre, from the most mainstream pop and RNB songs of Ariana Grande, Kanye, Rihanna and Beyonce, to classics of Brenda Lee, Frankie Valli and Joni Mitchell, to songs I've never heard of before. Now that GIRLS has wrapped up, I look back to some of my favorite songs from this terrific show.

"Dancing On My Own" - Robyn
Season 1, Episode 3 - All Adventurous Women Do
Definitely the most memorable song in GIRLS. This started playing when Hannah tweeted "All adventurous women do", and her and Marnie started dancing in their room. It's not on top of my favorites but you can't make a playlist for this show without this song.

"I Don't Love Anyone" - Belle and Sebastian
Season 1, Episode 5 - Hard Being Easy
End credits after we see Marnie have sex with Charlie, and while Hannah watches Adam jerk off. It's a good song!

"Montezuma" - Fleet Foxes
Season 1, Episode 6 - The Return
Played when Hannah returned to her hometown in Michigan. I remember this vividly being nostalgic and sad. It basically has the sound of being at home.

"Don't Leave Me (Ne me quitte pas)" - Regina Spektor
Season 2, Episode 4 - It's a Shame About Ray
Fun song played in a fun scene where Hannah prepared a mini soiree party in their small unit in NYC. The shady conversation between Marnie and Charlie's gf then was hilarious!

"Bobby, King of Boys Town" - Cass McCombs
Season 2, Episode 9 - On All Fours
It's basically a song in the background while Hannah and Adam were talking outside a party. Its sweet melody caught my ear.

"Sight of the Sun" - Fun.
Season 2, Episode 10 - Together
One of my favorite songs from GIRLS. It played during the montage of the girls in season 2 finale. Girls is, most of the time, dark, so I didn't find it corny or cliche when it took a different turn by being romcom-ish. I found this rather refreshing, sweet and uplifting.

"Completely Not Me" - Jenny Lewis
Season 3, Episode 2 - Truth or Dare
The lyrics for this song is like the epitome of what the girls are in this series. Iconic.

"Good Times" - Matt Costa
Season 3, Episode 5 - Only Child
Only Child ended with Adam and Hannah fighting because of Caroline. After Adam shut the door on Hannah, there's a few seconds of silence, end credits rolled with this song in the background. So distinct and perfect.

"Blue Moon" - Beck
Season 3, Episode 10 - Role-play
Beck is amazing, and so is Blue Moon, and so is this episode.

"We Belong" - RAC Ft. Katie Herzig
Season 4, Episode 4 - Cubbies
This is one of those songs that's so in-sync with the scene and it's also probably because of its climactic nature. Desi tells Marnie he loves her, and they begin to have sex and then Hannah, with a smile, returns from Iowa to her apartment in Manhattan only to be welcomed by a stranger who turns out be Adam's new girlfriend.

"Fool for Love" - Lord Huron
Season 5, Episode 1 - Wedding Day
Also one of my favorite songs. I thank this show for introducing me to Lord Huron. Their songs are amazing! Listen to 'Time to Run'. Also, it's a perfect song to cap Manie's wedding.

"No The End is Not Near" - Benny Hester
Season 5, Episode 1 - Wedding Day
This song was playing when Marnie was having a meltdown over her make-up. lol

"Roll Up Your Sleeves" - Meg Mac
Season 5, Episode 2 - Good Man
Like Completely Not Me, this is also one of the most iconic Girls songs for me, mainly for its lyrics.  These girls must roll up their sleeves and face their neverending issues.

"Tied Up" - Casey Veggies Ft. DeJ Loaf
Season 5, Episode 6 - The Panic in Central Park
First of, The Panic in Central Park is my favorite Girls episode ever and I personally have an affection to this song because of Marnie and Charlie. It's great seeing them back together having fun despite being way more mature than the last time we saw Charlie. And this song gives a carefree, romantic vibe which highlights Marnie and Charlie's party scene together.

"Little Marriage" - Lia Ices
Season 5, Episode 6 - The Panic in Central Park
This played in the scene where we're already deep into Marnie and Charlie's escapade in Central Park, that we start to think that it's too good to be true. This song creates a dreamy and eery vibe which again lifts the scene's mood higher.

"Curse" - Viktor Taiwo
Season 5, Episode 7 - Hello Kitty
A heartbreaking song after a heartbreaking episode. Hannah and Fran see Jessa and Adam walking away together after a play. This song is so good, though.

"Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" - Frankie Valli
Season 5, Episode 10 - I Love You Baby
Now this is one of those songs that I actually knew before hearing in Girls but it was so perfectly used that I repeated this for hours. I think I even played this on loop while working out.

"Amsterdam" - Gregory Alan Isakov
Season 6, Episode 1 - All I Ever Wanted
This song is so light which perfectly captured Hannah in the beach. The whole Season 6 premiere was so lighthearted that it's scary.

"Weathered" - Jack Garratt
Season 6, Episode 4 - Painful Evacuation
The choir at the beginning of the song is a great background when we find out that Hermie's dead. It's emotional and amazing.

"Crowded Places" - Banks
Season 6, Episode 9 - Goodbye Tour
;_; Played in one of the most tearjerking scenes of Girls. :( We find out that Hannah is leaving the city away from her friends, and she was being mature, and it's sad because we're actually going to miss  the trainwreck that we love to hate.

THANK YOU LENA DUNHAM! THANK YOU MANISH RAVAL! We love your songs as much as we love your show.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Top 20 'Your Face Sounds Familiar' Performances

What makes a great Your Face Sounds Familiar performance? For me, it varies in different aspects! Some contestants are born with talent and skills, some do uncanny impression, and some are just unforgettably explosive. So here's a list of the 20 best Your Face Sounds Familiar performances!!

Kakai Bautista as Eva Eugenio
Kakai got 8 pts for her Julie Andrews, but I thought this was her best performance. Underrated.

Sam Shoaf as MC Hammer
Exhilarating performance! Kulit ng batang 'to, just like MC Hammer.

Denise Laurel as Beyoncé
It might not be the best Beyoncé impression there is, but it's one of the most explosive performance of the show. Denise showed that she deserves to win with this performance.

Jay R as Alanis Morissette
Jay R is top tier in his season, and his Alanis Morissette is unforgettable.

KZ Tandingan as Jessie J
KZ is a late bloomer in her season but when she's great, she's all caps GREAT. This is first of her many mind-blowing performances in season two.

Jay R as Stevie Wonder
He might not look like Stevie Wonder, but his voice is spot on. SPOT ON!! Jay R is an underappreciated singer of our generation.

Elha Nympha as Dolly Parton
Simply beautiful! I think she's even better than Dolly Parton here.

KZ Tandingan as Tina Turner
Whether or not she's imitating Tina Turner, this is a brilliant number.

Edgar Allan Guzman as Daniel Padilla
Even Karla Estrada approves.

Sam Concepcion as Eminem
Sam has plenty of great performances but this one is the uncanniest. Sam has the complete package but doesn't always get the imitation part. His Eminem, minus the face, is perfect.

Nyoy as Sylvia La Torre
Nyoy is the most versatile contestant in YFSF, and dare I say that they also gave him some of the hardest icons to mimic. His Sylvia La Torre is just pure brilliance! Mad skills, Nyoy!

Awra Briguela as Mommy Dionesia
Awra's best performance

KZ Tandingan as Amy Winehouse
She killed it! Entertained to the core. She may not look like Amy Winehouse, but at least she looks like Ethel Booba.

Xia Vigor as Taylor Swift
Xia went viral for a reason. CUTIEST.THING.EVER!

Myrtle Sarrosa as Mystika
Those tears of hard work paid off. Like Denise, Myrtle is underrated in her season. Her Mystika is definitely one of my top 5 favorites in the world.

AC Bonifacio as Sarah Geronimo
If we base the results solely on performance, AC must be the first winner of YFSF Kids.

Elha Nympha as Sharon Cuneta
I doubted YFSF Kids at first because I didn't believe that these kids have the chops to imitate way older icons, but this performance proved me wrong. Way to go, Elha! Amazing voice control. 

Erik Nicolas as Willy Revillame
His first impression lasts. Erik's one and only outstanding performance in his season, is also one of the best in the show's history.

Denise Laurel as Lea Salonga
Lea Salonga is Lea Salonga, but Denise's version is surprisingly great that it's a crime she didn't win that week. This is the first week Denise truly impressed me, and despite winning the second season, she's one of the most underrated contestants of this show.

Melai Cantiveros as Elizabeth Ramsey
I expected Melai's Elizabeth Ramsey impersonation to be funny, but it ended up being poignant. If there's a term, "on poignant", this is it.

All videos from ABS CBN Entertainment and Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Top 10 Films of 2016

20th Century Women
You know the feeling when someone trusts you and opens up to you with all honesty? That's what I felt while watching 20th Century Women. It felt like reading a diary of Mike Mills and it's wonderful, and it made me emotional and nostalgic.

There's always a film that is elevated by the performances and this is one great example. Natalie Portman is the reason why I love this. Her Jackie reminded me of 

Thought-provoking and emotionally adept, Arrival is science fiction drama done right. I consider Denis Villeneuve our generation's master of twists and I suggest, if you haven't yet, to watch and be amazed by his filmography.

The Nice Guys
We are used to films following the Hollywood formula to be a box office hit, but The Nice Guys felt like the opposite where it followed our local cinema's formula in action comedy. That's the reason why I love it! It's slapstick, campy, corny, stupid but hilarious.

American Honey
For its almost three-hour running time, I never got bored watching this gem by Andrea Arnold. It doesn't have a solid plot and the story is kind of unfamiliar territory, but what it has is the captivating Sasha Lane that leaves you wanting for more.

Jean Marc-Vallee is proven and tested to squeeze the emotions out of you, and out of all his movies (Dallas Buyers Club, Wild), this one's probably the most emotional of all. Watching Jake Gyllenhaal's character Davis break down after holding his emotions for almost the entirety of the film was heartbreaking.

The most admirable thing for me about this simple yet poetic film is Chiron, and how he remained to be pure and kind despite all the mishaps that happened to his life.

Sing Street
It is impossible not to love this fun nostalgic movie that aims simply to make us feel young and hopeful and reminisce about the good old times. The songs, the quotes, the characters are oozing with nostalgia. I might hate the ending of this movie but that can't change the fact that I was thoroughly smitten by this film.

Your Name
It's not news that I love movies that ignite sentimentality and out of all the 2016 movies, I think Your Name reached new heights of emotions, especially its climax which I extremely dug. Drama aside, this is also another effective scifi drama which tackles time travel in a fascinating fashion.

The Handmaiden
While watching this, I thought 'wow! this movie is in a different league compared to other movies', and that's only after the first act. Then I was blown away by the rest of the movie. The characters, the actors, the story and the twists of The Handmaiden are unforgettable. Riot!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

60 Best Movie Characters of 2016

Ancient One
Doctor Strange

Brenda Bunson
Sausage Party

Kubo and the Two Strings


Manchester by the Sea

Maggie's Plan

Everybody Wants Some!!

Finding Dory


Hello, My Name is Doris


20th Century Women

Tanner Howard
Hell or High Water

Pablo Neruda


Blind man
Don't Breathe

Hobie Doyle
Hail, Ceasar!

Dorothea Fields
20th Century Women

Kid Conner
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Eugene Domingo
Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2: Forever's Not Enough

Carla Dunkler
Bad Moms

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Rose Maxson

Miss Peregrine
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children



Si Magdalola at ang mga Gago

Swiss Army Man

Harley Quinn
Suicide Squad

Trisha Echevarria
Die Beautiful

Taki & Mitsuha
Your Name

Pamilya Ordinaryo

Jyn Erso
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Daddy Leo
Sunday Beauty Queen

Die Beautiful

La La Land

Louisa Clark
Me Before You

Toni Erdmann

Sing Street


Nancy Adams
The Shallows

Dr. Louise Banks

A Bigger Splash

Jacqueline Kennedy

Newt Scamander
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Train to Busan

Certain Women

La La Land

Florence Foster Jenkins
Florence Foster Jenkins

Lady Susan
Love & Friendship

The Handmaiden

Toni Erdmann
Toni Erdmann

Lady Hideko
The Handmaiden

Ricky Baker
Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Van Van
Star Na si Van Damme Stallone

American Honey

Holland March
The Nice Guys

Michèle Leblanc