Tuesday, February 25, 2014


10. Paul Giamatti as Theophilus Freeman - 12 Years a Slave
Paul Giamatti making the top 10 of any Supporting Actor ranking is probably ridiculous for some, especially that this is for 12 Years a Slave and not for Saving Mr. Banks, in which he has more airtime. There's Gandolfini, Bo Larsen, Rockwell & Carell in Way, Way Back and more, but am I the only one who thinks Giamatti is a really effective villain? 12 Years a Slave has a lot of loathsome characters but Giamatti managed to be the most provoking and believable for me. To hell with the fact that he has a very little role, he's remarkable.

9. Bradley Cooper - FBI Agent Richie DiMaso - American Hustle
I'm probably the only one who thinks Bradley Cooper in American Hustle outacted his own performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Aside from his hilarious imitation of Louis C.K. in Hustle, he also managed to make an annoying FBI Agent Richie become fascinating. It also helps that he's depicting a character that's complex and vulnerable. I see more future for him if he's wise in choosing roles.

8. Dane Dehaan as Jason Glanton - The Place Beyond the Pines
One thing I can say about Dehaan's performance in The Place Beyond the Pines is that he's really good at playing the rebel. It's easy to say that he has strong facial features that can easily convey anger, but that would probably be unfair to his bold and brave depiction of a young man fighting the shadows of his father.

7. Jonah Hill as Donnie Azoff - The Wolf of Wall Street
Perhaps being a huge star's sidekick is the perfect role for Jonah Hill. He's good in Moneyball, he's even better in Wolf. He perfected douchebaggery just like what he did as a sports nerd proving that Hill is a versatile actor. There's a huge potential of him being this generation's Joe Pesci and if he picks more awesome roles, he probably could surpass his reputation.

6. Tom Hanks as Walt Disney - Saving Mr. Banks
I just can't imagine the difficulty of playing a popular character like Walt Disney but Tom Hanks made it seem it's a walk in the amusement park. :3 He managed to match the level of Emma Thompson's PL Travers and I don't think any actor other than him could do that. Well, probably some could but it's just appropriate that these two 90's Oscar stars made a huge comeback with this film. It's just unfortunate that both fell short to nab an Oscar nod.

5. Michael Fassbender as Edwin Epps - 12 Years a Slave
I find Michael Fassbender's psychotic villain Edwin Epps as entertaining. Don't judge me but it's true. In a sense that despite doing vicious things to his slaves, there's something vulnerable and lovable with his character that's just hard to hate. If there's any character to hate in 12 Years a Slave, it's Giamatti and Paul Dano's character not Fassbender.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki - Prisoners
Jake Gyllenhaal's character is probably one of the most ordinary characters in this category. I wouldn't say that he made his character interesting or give him more credit for it but I find his performance in Prisoners as very calculated, balanced and humane. He's been true to his character without trying too hard and it paid off as he undeniable became Prisoners' rootable unsung hero as a cop who sacrificed his own profession, and life to an extent, to find the truth in a suburb where danger looms in.

3. Barkhad Abdi as Muse - Captain Phillips
Muse, as the main antagonist in Captain Phillips is a character who is simply despicable but also lovable and appealing because of Barkhad Abdi. Considering that this is Barkhad Abdi's first role as an actor from being a limousine driver, it's hard to not put him on top of this category. But it's easy to give him all the support he deserves when we seem him savor the spotlight he's receiving presently. If ever he doesn't continue his acting career or if it fails, there's nothing to be ashamed of because his work in Captain Phillips alone is memorable enough for him to be remembered and more importantly, to be proud of.

2. James Franco as Alien - Spring Breakers
Harmony Korine gave James Franco one of the most complex and iconic characters of 2013 in Spring Breakers. Alien, an illegal drug and firearm dealer/user seems like the perfect role for James Franco who we often see as someone who's always zoned-out. But Franco brings this difficult character with such commitment and braveness that it's hard to ignore his work for this film. Respect for the gun blowjob. Plus, who wouldn't give this man credit for singing Britney Spears' Everytime?

1. Jared Leto as Rayon - Dallas Buyers Club
Need I say more? Jared Leto was Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club. His portrayal of a transvestite with AIDS is not only a complete transformation, but also offers one of the best performances of 2013. After a 6-year hiatus in acting, he's back definitely in a huge way as his chances of winning the Oscar for a Supporting Role is as big as his name. And if in case he doesn't, at least he's number 1 in my ranking. lol

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