Thursday, October 2, 2014


I don't know about you but I am highly enjoying this season. Yes, it doesn't have uber hilarious characters, yes, it doesn't have explosive Tribal Councils but there's something about this cast that's refreshing to me. They're so different compared to the complex and aggressive Cagayan players and they're also different than the first Blood vs Water so I've got no complains even though they're slightly inferior than the past seasons shot in the Philippines.

But I think one main reason why I am enjoying this is the existence of Baylor. I firmly believe that when you're enthusiastic with a player, whether you hate or love that player, that a season is going to be an enjoyable ride because you have someone to watch for. Unless that player gets voted out early. This season, it's Baylor. It's an unpopular opinion because she's massively hated by many in Survivor forums but there's something about her that's engaging. She, truly is the polarizing character this season, not John Rocker.

During the first episode, she flipped right off the first Tribal Council. Then, this episode, her wrestling duel with her mom is probably my favorite part of the episode wherein her puppy dog eyes manipulated her mother Missy to lose her energy, resulting to a point for Coyopa. That shows character for me. Then at Tribal, Val and Jaclyn threw her under the bus and in the end, she's still safe and kicking. Oh boy, she's going to be fun to watch especially if she goes far, and I truly hope that she goes far because she's the main fuel that keeps me from liking this season.

But I'm picking Josh as the recipient of this week's Plummy -- by solidifying his alliance with Baylor, maintaining his middle position in Coyopa, seeing John Rocker as an asset to his game, and keeping both Baylor and Rocker at the end of their Tribal. He's playing a great game so far and no one's even close.

On to the ranking:

17. Val

Val is likable on paper but what she did was idiotic. Lying about having two idols, that's ludacris/abimaria. Funny thing is that Rocker believed him but it didn't matter because she's leaving anyway and she doesn't have an idol to save her life. If only she told the truth to Rocker, she might have been saved. But the Oscar winning moment that she's referring to is a faux. I won't miss Val at all.

16. Wes

Kudos to winning the challenge against Jeremy. That's really unexpected.

15. Alec

No substance despite being in the losing team. He's clearly not running the show and it might be too early to say, but with his invisible edit this episode, he might not be the winner of SJDS.

14. Keith

From no. 1 to no. 14. Unfortunately, there's not enough Keith this episode so I can't really put him higher in this ranking.

13. Dale

I thought it's adorable for Dale to watch out for Kelley, her daughter but other than that, he's not a hero nor a villain this episode. Plain edit.

12. Reed

He's finally having airtime and he's the one who talked to Jeff about the Hunahpu flint situation. But we still haven't heard anything from Reed regarding the game so I have no clue where his head's at.

11. John

John is already starting to show his true colors. But in the meantime, I'm actually enjoying him. His two losses this episode, one with Julie and one with Jon, are amazing. If he continues to be edited as a loser then I won't mind seeing him go far even with his nasty comments. LOL at believing Val's lie too. WTF

10. Jon

Major kudos to Jon for admitting that he lost the flint. That shows a lot about his sportmanship and athleticism. But way more kudos for defeating John in the wrestling challenge. But other than that, I thought his scene with Drew was ridiculous. He's still likable, though.

9. Jeremy

Again, we're seeing some strategy talks from Jeremy. His side deal with Rocker was great. But now that Rocker failed to protect Val, I'm afraid Jeremy will avenge his wife. Unfortunately, Julie will pay the price. Too bad because I like both.

8. Drew

Drew continues to have a negative edit but despite the negativity, he's also hilarious. His side comments, smirks and douchey smiles are all glorious to watch. I'm not even annoyed even though I think he's a joke.

7. Kelley

Kelley got a decent edit and from what I saw of her, I like. She's proven that she's strong, and likable too. I'm still curious on what other things she can do though. I really hope Hunahpu loses next episode.

6. Josh

Josh is the man. He's playing the game as if he's the original fan of Survivor, not Reed. He's on a different league compared to his Coyopa tribemates and he's very stealth about it. He's going to go far. He might win this.

5. Jaclyn

I thought Jaclyn was going to be a dud throughout the season. I thought she's going to get voted out without anything of substance or importance. But she's proven that she's not weak, both physically and I guess mentally. She's not a sheep as she's feisty. Love it when she defeated Kelley in the first round of the wrestling challenge. Love her even more when she showed her sassy side at Tribal. I hope she goes far.

4. Julie

Julie is an angel. I really thought that she's going to be a bitch and if not a bitch, snarky and smug and arrogant. But she has already proven after two episodes that she doesn't complain and is actually willing to play. Love her social interactions. And yay at defeating John Rocker. That's a huge accomplishment.

3. Natalie

Natalie is love. Her reaction out of Nadiya leaving was touching (and the background music helped a lot). She showed a softer side of her and it's just heart melting. Now that she's moved on, I hope she's stronger and sassier. Love her side comments about Drew, and I think I'll love her even more next week when she fights against John Rocker.

2. Missy

Wow Missy. I love you. What an angel. First, her comforting Natalie was a true act of kindness. Second, I felt her when she couldn't fight her daughter after accidentally hurting her. She's a kind soul and I hope she goes far. I hope we see more of her strategic skills too. Because she obviously has the social game turned on.

1. Baylor

This young woman is going to be fun to watch. After two episodes, she's already flipped, had a fight, cried, confronted, made allies, etc. And that's what I love most about her. She's playing and she's not resting. She's moving and there's danger surrounding her but she keeps on surviving. It's fun to root for a player whose always on the chopping block yet always finds her way to be safe and I hope that would be the case for Baylor for a long time in this game even if she doesn't win, as long as she keep on surviving and annoying the shit out of her competitors. Go Baylor!

1. Josh
2. Jeremy
3. Baylor
4. Natalie

Next episode, John Rocker unleashes his true colors, but he has the idol so I don't think he'll get voted out. He's shown that he's not that smart though so we'll see.

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