Thursday, April 17, 2014

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 8 Ranking

I'm so fucking happy!! Just when I thought I was losing my interest for this season because my favorites were dropping like flies, then another FLIP care of one of the players I used to despise the most happened.

This is indeed a season of flips! And Tony did the best flip so far, in my opinion. And for that, even though I'm leaning more towards giving the Plummy to Tasha who hasn't received one so far, this episode is clearly an episode of Tony Vlachos. So Tony receives this week's Plummy!! #TeamTV

9. LJ
Good riddance! I know he's one of the players I predicted to win but you can't blame me, he's got a fantastic pre merge game. I knew that he started to kind of dwindle after the merge and you can tell that his chances went down in my winner prediction order but I still didn't see him leaving tonight. Gotta give the editors props for providing lots of tricks from their promos to the episode. I was pretty sure the boot was going to be either Woo/Tony/one of the NuAparris, and when while I was watching the episode, I thought Trish convinced Tony to stick with their alliance that's why I was so shocked to see LJ biting the dust. But it's just so apt. He completely blew his game by being too comfortable with Tony. He's already showed wariness towards him before they merged, but I guess Tony earned LJ's trust so much when Tony played the idol for him. It completely blew his game. Also, even Morgan addressed this in her post game interview that LJ completely ignored talking game outside of his alliance. It's more evident when he snubbed Tasha's invite to talk game with him. And that is why this episode is so fucking juicy. First, Tasha and LJ are the final 2 in the Immunity challenge, second, Tasha had the last laugh by voting out the person who snubbed her. Everything about LJ's boot is delicious!

8. Kass
Tony upstaged Kass' flip fo sho! Kass completely baffled me when she had a confessional about staying intact with her 6-person alliance and it would be stupid to make a big move when they're already in a comfortable position. It baffled me so bad because that's the exact thing she did with her NuAparri alliance. Well, I guess I won't blame her that much now because if she didn't do it, Sarah is probably the person with the most power right now and we don't want that. Oh well, isn't it quite satisfying to see Kass blindsided even if she wasn't voted out?

7. Jefra
I could easily put her in dead last again because she's probably the most boring left in the game, but next week seems like a breakout episode for her. I really hope that the alliance of NuSolana is no more and Jefra doesn't want to do anything with it. I hope she befriends Tasha and start to vote with them. To be quite honest, I don't think there's no more NuSolana or NuAparri alliances that next week would be dysfunctional. Let's hope Jefra keeps it unpredictable and surprise us please!!! :) "Did you flip?" "WOW" :)

6. Trish
Before Tribal Council, when I thought one of Jeremiah or Spencer would leave, I was set into giving her the Plummy because I really thought she effectively convinced Tony not to vote against them. I was ready to say good things about Trish keeping her alliance intact and even though her game plan is the most boring thing, it's great strategic game. But I'm just ecstatic that she failed to discipline and gather her alliance because the result is way much better. Still, Trish is still not in danger in my opinion. Woo is still there, Tony is still there and Trish is in a very comfortable position.

5. Jeremiah
Jeremiah actually had a decent edit this episode. Indeed he's not receiving the praise that he deserves but I think he's very aware about the game and his position. He's not as stupid as other people painted him to be. Having said that, Jeremiah's not that entertaining either so I guess it's the dealbreaker factor for the fans.

4. Woo
Woo is like Jeremiah. I think he knows the game but what's different about Woo is that he's great TV. His confessional after the Reward Challenge was hilarious and even though it's his only portion in this episode, he still made a mark. Plus, he voted against LJ and that's a plus!!! wooh Woo! I hope he doesn't get medevac'd next episode though. :( If he does, this season could follow Micronesia, in which James was medevac'd and the game ended up with a Final 2. We shall see! ;)

3. Spencer
The editors didn't shove Spencer to us this week and voila, he's much more tolerable and the episode is 5,000,000 miles better than last week's Spencer Island. It's a blessing that he ended up with Tony and Jeremiah in the Reward challenge because it opened his, Tasha's and Jeremiah's chances of going farther in the game. So thank goodness Survivor destiny. Spencer is a Survivor Destiny's child. Also, I reacted the same victory celebration gesture when LJ was voted out.YEAHHHHH!!!!

2. Tasha
IN YOUR FACE LJ INDEED! ^_^ Even though Tony outshined everyone in this episode, it's also clear that this is a Tasha episode. Even though her portion in the episode wasn't that long, it still proved that it's a vital scene for the delicious LJ blindside. LJ was such a douche for ditching Tasha's offer to talk game with him, #STOODUP (Survivor hashtags are so random and funny sometimes) so when Tasha won Immunity against him, which turned out to be a crucial Immunity for both players, his walk of shame towards Jeff became much sweeter because it felt like a magnificent Tasha victory. I'm so happy for Tasha that it rejuvenated my interest for this season. I hope her winning streak continues and I really hope she wins the game. She's absolutely my no. 1 to win the game. But every episode is such a struggle and I guess it's also the reason why I love this episode so much. She's not in the majority but there's still a glimpse of hope towards the end of the tunnel. Episode per episode, we'll survive. I'm so ready for a TASHAVICTORY.

1. Tony
I'm not in Tony's side from the beginning to last week but here I am now ready to bow down to this new Survivor God. Tony had come such a long way and I felt like he's already ditched so many people in the process. I felt like he's everywhere in the episode. Heck, I feel like he's all over the place throughout the game. Premerge, he's running the camp at Aparri, postmerge he flipped on Cliff and stabilized his position with a new alliance including LJ and Jefra. He's solid in it and then poof, he got paranoid and instantly flipped against one of them, it was the horsewhisperer, LJ. Is it a good move? it's debatable but I definitely see the good in it. He felt like he's the most visible threat in NuSolana and it made more apparent when the NuAparri minority voted him last Tribal. What do you do when you're in his position? You talk to the minority about it and sway the target from you and because Tony's already clearly in the NuAparri's chopping block, he did what he had to do. That's a good thing about it. On the other hand, haha, let's face it, his move was also fueled by paranoia. He almost nabbed Jamie Newton's Most Paranoid Award but Tony showed that paranoia is not always a bad thing. Well, at least for me and my favorites and for him as well hehe. Because he could easily stick with his 6-person alliance and he's still in a good position. But I guess the idol factor also poked his paranoia so I really see why his move was logical. It's debatably logical but it's definitely a likable move. For sure. Thank you Tony! Thank you so much for sparing my favorites even for one episode. I don't know where his head at next week though. One thing's for sure, Tony is and will be one of the most memorable players of Survivor Cagayan. #TEAMTV

1. Trish
2. Spencer

Next episode: It seems like next episode will be the first episode that I'll like Jefra. If she's the reason of Tony's demise then hands down I'll have respect for her staying in the game, robbing some of my favorite's spot. Also Woo, please don't be medically evacuated. But if it means that Tasha, Spencer and Jeremiah's chances of winning the game would increase, then go ahead. LOL

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