Sunday, May 18, 2014

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 12 Ranking, Final 4 Assessment & Winner Prediction

I've never been mindfucked numerous times by a season ever since Micronesia. The penultimate episode of Survivor Cagayan proves that this is one of the most unpredictable seasons of Survivor. No, scratch that, almost every episode was unpredictable. The merge for one has continuous flips, thanks to our unstable players.

Last episode, everyone delivered but I'm giving the penultimate Plummy to Kass for changing the game once again. Call her whatever you want but Kass is one of the main reasons why this game happened to be the way it is.

5. Trish

I never ever predicted that she'll get voted out ever because apparently, she's been my winner pick ever since the premiere and I was so SURE that she's gonna win because there's no way that they'd vote her out and even if they did, I was sure that Tony would play the idol on her. I don't know why I was sure that all of those things will happen. But imagine my shock when Jeff declared that she's voted out. I was so shocked I couldn't believe it. But as much as I want to be correct about my prediction that she's going to win, I am extremely ecstatic that she didn't. She's my least favorite among the Final 5 so now that she's gone, I guess I'm fine with whoever claims the title of the Sole Survivor.

4. Spencer

I don't know what would have happened if Spencer didn't win Immunity. But his win was so clutch that you gotta give the guy credit. He may be no. 4 in this ranking but that's only because the other 3 gave much more entertaining and engaging scenes last episode. Of course, Spencer's win is one of the icing on the cake because I think he'd get voted off if he didn't win but other than that, I'm just glad that he survived.

3. Woo

At last Woo made a decision for himself. Looking back though, it's kinda funny when Spencer asked him about his thoughts about Trish and Tony's relationship because he answered back by asking them the same question even if he affirmed that he wants to make a move. Still, a move is a move and he finally got out of Tony's shadow as it seems like it's Tony who followed on his plan (or Kass') this time.

2. Tony

We can talk about his strategies, personalities and moves endlessly but the main reason why he's number 2 is because of his 'talk llama' which is perhaps one of the funniest things I've witnessed on Survivo lmfao.. I could watch it a hundred times and I'll still find it funny.

1. Kass

Kass is already a legend for what she did this season. She's indeed a chaos maker and even if we know about it episodes ago, she proved it again last episode by provoking Trish and Tony. She's such a compelling character that I cannot hate her any further. It's true, I've hated her before, but after she's been through and after what she did to the game, I've just grown to appreciate her. Love that she blabbed Tony's plan because it worked for her and it made for an interesting episode. I thought she did the right thing because it also made Woo wonder about his place in the game after declaring that he wants to stick with the Brawns til the end. And then her fight with Trish was just I don't know, nasty? Yet I can't deny that it was good TV. Kass will forever be remembered as one of the most unique villain, heck one of the most unique characters on Survivor


I've been predicting Trish ever since the beginning so since she's already a part of the jury, I'll just assess the chances of winning of the Final 4 from most likely to least likely.

1. Tony 
Tony played his ass off in this game but even so, it seems like Spencer and Woo are much more of a target than him. I wonder if his plan on lying about the super idol will work in his favor but whether it works or not, if he goes to the Final 2, he can easily address all of his moves on how he got there. Of course we may have bitter juries as he backstabbed a number of them including LJ, Jefra and Trish but at the end of the day it will depend on who will be sitting against him in the Finals. Plus, it's not like he sabotaged them like what Russell Hantz did. He's been compared to Hantz ever since the beginning of the game but what Tony has that Russell didn't is tact.

2. Spencer
Spencer proved to be a great physical gameplayer and he is 2 Immunity Challenges away to get the end. He's only number 2 because if he loses one of the remaining Immunity challenges, I think he's toast. But if he succeeds in claiming the two remaining Immunities then there's no doubt that he's the winner of Survivor Cagayan with an epic storyline in his belt. It will be a hard route to get there but winning several challenges already proved that he can get there. Puzzles would help.

3. Woo
Woo is a pleasant player that didn't piss anyone off on the jury. The only player I can see him 100% beating is Spencer but if he makes it to the end with either Kass or Tony, I think he has a huge chance of beating them. Most juries are bitter and Tony and Kass for sure made the jury as bitter as they can be with all the moves that they did. What's hindering Woo of a sure win, however, is that he might be seen as a player who didn't do enough moves to get to the end. Someone who just coasted through like the real surfer boy that he is. But there are two more Tribal Councils before Final Tribal Council and in those two Tribal Councils, he can prove that he's worthy. It all just depends on what's gonna happen.

4. Kass
I'm pretty sure that there's no way she'll win this game. But sometimes, I'm going back and forth because there MIGHT be a little chance that she could beat Woo. I don't know but judging her game, it isn't so bad if the jury would realize that she indeed player her OWN game and it got her to the end despite what the jury expected from her. But yea, her journey didn't make a great impression so I think it's really safe to say that, as what Spencer told her in the merge episode, 'Kass, zero chance of winning.'

Tony & Spencer = Spencer wins
Tony & Kass = Tony wins
Spencer & Kass = Spencer wins
Spencer & Woo = Spencer wins
Woo & Kass = Woo wins
Woo & Tony = 50/50 but I'd go with Woo


Can't wait for the Finale. It's been a great season that got me blogging through all of its episode. As usual, you can tweet me @jaynormouskid for you comments, suggestions or anything Survivor related. :)