Saturday, September 20, 2014

They Came Together

Director: David Wain
With: Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd

The idea of Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd teaming up for a comedy is something to be excited about. Poehler is a comedic genius and Rudd, he may not be as funny as Poehler but he also has some fair share of comedic skills and let's face it, the man is pretty likable.

In They Came Together, Poehler and Rudd parodized romantic comedies in a very quirky approach. Like I mentioned, these two actors are great but they do not work effectively as romantic partners on screen. God knows how much I like Poehler as a comedian but she looked so mature compared to Rudd even though the latter is actually older than her. Point is, they don't have a great chemistry and it only lessened the charisma of the film. Strangely enough, Poehler wasn't outstanding here too and Rudd completely owned the film.

It's like a very long SNL skit (which is probably on purpose) that somehow turns out to be effective for me. It has its fair share of smiles but it also has a lot of head-scratcher because of its failed jokes and messy executions of scenes. The numerous cameos throughout the film is fun though but it's not enough to fully appreciate the film. Everything felt like a sketch and it's hit or miss in its whole duration.

They Came Together is either probably too smart that I didn't fully grasp its intention or just plain stupid, the reason why I'm not fully into it. Either way, I've got some chuckles from it that it's enough for me to say that one hour and a half of  my life wasn't wasted.