Sunday, March 1, 2015

Top 10 Supporting Actress of 2014

Time to continue where I left off with Supporting Actresses!

Patricia Arquette as Olivia Evans
As much as I am a fan of flashy performances, I'm also a huge fan of subtle yet authentic ones and that's how I would describe Patricia Arquette's performance in Boyhood. It's a real character associated with natural acting and the result? Poignant and amazing.

Jessica Chastain as Anna Morales
A Most Violent Year
Jessica Chastain continues to surprise as years goes by. After watching A Most Violent Year, Celia Foote is definitely not the most fun Chastain character anymore. Her turn in this film is such a joy to watch from beginning to end. The wig works for her!

Tilda Swinton as Minister Mason
Speaking of fun, here's Tilda Swinton as my 3rd favorite performance by a an actress in a supporting role. Snowpiercer is Tilda and this is what I'm talking about in my Arquette writeup that I equally love flashy character performances. Swinton managed to make a despicable villain an adorable one.

Keira Knightley as Joan Clark
The Imitation Game
Never a fan of Keira until last year when I watched Begin Again.A few months later I watched The Imitation Game and I think it sealed my love for her. Her accent is so likable, and she made what could be a boring character an enjoyable one.

Uma Thurman as Mrs. H
Just watch Nymphomaniac and see for yourself. I mean look at that pic! It's such a crime that she was snubbed by almost every awards guild. I mean...

Naomi Watts as Lesley
Birdman has a lot of great performances and as for the supporting actresses, in my opinion, Naomi Watts should have been nominated instead of Emma Stone.

Rene Russo as Nina Romina
Jake Gyllenhaal's performance wouldn't be as fun and effective if not for Rene Russo's character. Her character, even if she's supposed to be strong, was juxtaposed by her ignorance and Russo captured all of it. Her chemistry with Gyllenhaal is amazing to watch.

Meryl Streep as The Witch
Into the Woods
I thought Meryl did a great job as the witch in the movie. It's far from being her best but greatness is always expected and she delivered.

Adriana Barraza as Silvana
Isn't it funny that her name is Silvana in a movie called Cake? alol. Anyway, I thought she was nothing special in most of her appearance in the film until that one scene happened, and voila, she's in this list.

Jessica Chastain as Murphy
Jessica Chastain's 2nd sighting in this ranking. She's got a great year but none of her performances got nods in the Oscars. I thought she's one of the best things in Interstellar, both her character and her acting.