Saturday, October 25, 2014


Director: David Ayer
With: Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, Jon Bernthal, Michael Peña

There will never be enough movies about World War II, Nazis, or just war in general. This year alone we had The Book Thief, The Monuments Men and The Wind Rises. And then we have the upcoming Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie. There are thousand stories and it seems like there will never be enough. David Ayer adds another film in this genre, entitled Fury. Set during the Second World War, the American soldiers make their final push in Germany as Adolf Hitler forces all his men including women and children to fight for the Nazi party. Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) leads a five man crew including a recently enlisted typist Norman (Logan Lerman) as the assistant driver and bow gunner of their tank 'Fury'.

Cinematically, it's everything a man craves in war scenes. But thematically, it's pretty thin especially for a World War 2 movie. It strives to be real and succeeds in its war scenes but sometimes it also fails to be believable in its human interaction parts. It thrives from its terrific tank and gun action scenes that it's easy to ignore the failure in the screenplay department. Nevertheless, it's still heavy as it involves gore, death and other horrible consequences of war. Character wise though it's a bit flat and slight. Not even the charismatic cast could save the narrowness of the story. While everyone delivered okay, they didn't have much of material to show their range as actors albeit the physical requirement of their roles, except for Logan Lerman. But even Lerman's character verged on absurdity in the beginning of the film, where he was hesitant to kill even amidst of the enemies killing his allies.

Not crazy about the ensemble either. Yes, it has Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, and a serious Shia LaBeouf, but it was Michael Peña who ended up being my favorite in the bunch with his great serving of comic relief in this heavily depressing topic of the film. The differences in these characters make for an interesting group but the story didn't engage me enough to their brotherhood and in the end, it wasn't that affecting as intended to be. I still much prefer George Clooney and his gang as 'The Monuments Men'.


Director: Damien Chazelle
With: Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons

Have you ever had an instructor or a mentor or a professor that's so incredibly strict, you're always scared shitless around his or her presence? Whiplash gave me flashbacks of people of this kind mainly because of J.K. Simmons' amazing and unforgettable Terence Fletcher, a terrifying maestro of Andrew, a young jazz drummer played by Miles Teller.

From the first interaction of Simmons and Teller, the intensity never stopped and continuously heightened throughout the film. From Andrew trying to impress the famous school maestro Fletcher, to Fletcher finally noticing Andrew's potential, to Fletcher testing Andrew's limits, to Andrew sacrificing almost everything even his girlfriend to prove Fletcher that he's the one that he's looking for and to the rest of their relationship that went to turmoil. It's very reminiscent of Andi & Miranda Priestly's relationship in The Devil Wears Prada and Nina & his instructor in Black Swan, all are yearning for perfection.

But this one kicked it up a notch. It has humor scattered here and there but for some reason, I still find it scary as hell. Probably the scariest film I've seen this year. No exaggerations, and it's not even a horror or a suspense, Whiplash is music drama for chrissake.

Terence Fletcher, I'm telling you, is more frightening than Annabelle. That sinister doll's ludicrous face has no say compared to J.K. Simmons bald and wrinkled face with kinky bulging nerves on his forehead that seemed like horns will come out any minute every time he scolds at his players. So intense he'll remind you of the people you dread seeing in school, in workshops or wherever. But at the same time, it's difficult to distinguish whether he's a hero or a villain. Definitely a villain but there's something heroic about his intentions and that makes his character even more fascinating. Miles Teller's Andrew is equally brilliant and it's true when people say that this is his best showing to date. From Rabbit Hole, to The Spectacular Now, he's unstoppable and is proving to be one of the best actors of his generation. Interesting how his character is always involve with car crashes though.

The film depicts perfecting one's craft so well but I think the biggest critique people could throw for this film is that it somehow implied that music is about being perfect, about the keys and tempo instead of music being about one's instrument for expressing oneself. But I guess it's okay because it's been established by the two main characters that  it's about exceeding your limit to become one of the greats, and that makes it different from other music dramas. I see it as a film that's not really about music per se, but it's about being successful in one's skill and it just so happened that Andrew wanted to perfect drums, just like Nina wanted to embody the 'Black Swan' and Andi aiming to be Miranda's main assistant.

Whiplash might be one of the most nerve wracking, affecting and tiring movie that I've seen, yet in its last act, specifically how it ended, it literally felt like the whole movie house came of amazement.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Maps to the Stars

Director: David Cronenberg
With: Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Evan Bird, Olivia Williams, Sarah Gadon, John Cusack, Robert Pattinson

This movie has got to be one of the most brutal films one would ever see and it doesn't even involve a lot of gore, or blood to be brutal. But its satirical emblazoning of Hollywood is just uncomfortable yet fascinating to watch. I can never attest to what Hollywood is like, all I can rely to is the media's depiction of it so judging this film, it might be spot on and reading some of the reviews and comments about it, I'm pretty sure Maps to the Stars was made, not really to expose the scandals and bad behaviors of some Hollywood stars, agents and aspiring famewhores in the business, but perhaps, to also open the eyes of those who are unaware of the nature of Hollywood itself, or those who are simply clueless of their desperation for fame.

Maps involves characters that are so complex yet so fun to watch. It reminds me so much of the HBO show, The Comeback because it shares the same satirical and acerbic nature of exposing oblivious people in the Hollywood industry. Julianne Moore's character Havana Segrand for one reminds me of a way darker version of Valerie Cherish. She's nuts, but I'd love to see more of her and I think it's one of the main reasons why Maps to the Stars is extremely appealing because it reveals so much disparagement that sometimes, you're torn between being fascinated or disturbed by the actions, not only by Havana, but also the other characters and other people surrounding her.

The film flaunts so many polarizing characters that it's hard to enumerate them because of how complicated their characters evolved throughout the film. But all of them has redeeming qualities but the one that stands out to me are their faults. I guess that's just how it is in this kind of satire, the audience tend to focus on the wrongdoings. Well, that's because it involves a Justin Bieber-like character, a stage-parent, an aspiring actor, douchebags, hoes and all of them have one thing in common, they live in a character-eating industry that's hard to abandon.

With all these characters are great actors who played them. The Justin Bieber character I was referring about was played by Evan Bird and man, this guy is such a revelation. Olivia Williams and John Cusack served as his parents, and they're also brilliant, especially Williams who played a hilarious stage mother whose character is just lolhilarious. Then we have Robert Pattinson as a limo driver and struggling character who wants to be a successful writer, and this is probably one of his most daring role he's ever played. He's not likable in this. Mia Wasikowska as Havana's personal assistant is also one of the unsung heroes of the film. But it's Julianne Moore that slayed us all with her portrayal of Havana Segrand. Seriously, Moore is having a great year with all the achievements she's having from being the Best Actress in Cannes, and now the rave reviews for Still Alice. She's undeniably great in this and once again, she has proven that there's no character that she can't do. This is so different from all the roles that she played. Well, she's been in a variety of characters ranging from a lesbian parent, a porn star, a cult leader, Sarah Palin, but here in Maps, this is the first time I saw her really owning a character. She's super great in this and Havana wouldn't be the fun and dark Havana that I love because of her. I could forget all the other characters even though I also find them complex but I won't forget Havana, who truly is the main star of the film.

Maps to the Stars is an unforgettable and powerful satirical drama that will make you uncomfortable, and yet it would make you want to see more because it revealed so much truthfulness, some may be exaggerated but its entertaining nevertheless. Also, a must-watch for Julianne Moore's performance and character.


Director: John R. Leonetti
With: Annabelle Wallis, Ward Horton, Alfre Wooodard

Earlier this year, 'Annabelle', the doll character from the film The Conjuring made it to my top favorite movie characters of 2013. By that time, it never occurred to me that she will have her own spinoff, just because she's, well, merely a doll. But it didn't take long for the news to come out that she's indeed going to have a movie of her own. What a powerful dollvil!

I always thought that 'Annabelle' isn't that creepy looking. In fact, I thought her exterior is kind of funny, but the thought that there's something sinister going on with that doll to me is what makes her, or should I say 'it', creepy. I would be lying if I say that Annabelle didn't scare the hell out of me.

It did. From beginning to end.

But it's biggest problem would have to be its slight story. The Conjuring was successful because it boasted from jump-out-of-the-seat scares, complex stories and top notch casting. It was a complete package. They even brought back one of the horror stars Lili Taylor. Annabelle is like the opposite except it still delivered the scares. But its cast was a little lackluster (although I really liked the blonde Tina Fey), and there's nothing complex about its story, very basic and something that has been done and seen before. In fact, I think it utilized the horror formula too much -- a basic family story, something sinister happened, some random character/s help them from solving the mystery, one's going to die, and finally the main characters defeat the 'protagonistic villain'. Thanks to its frightening nature, I think it's still value for money.

At the end of the day, you watch horror films for the scares so Annabelle is pretty much a successful film in that case. But if you're one moviegoer who also watches horror to learn something new, or find any interesting story, Annabelle has nothing to offer that The Conjuring hasn't already explored.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Another good Tribal Council care of the Coyopa tribe. First, we've got a classic blindside that didn't need an idol, only a flip from Baylor. Second, a tiebreaker and this week, a man with the idol in his pocket got blindsided and that man is no other than John Rocker. It's 3/3 for San Juan del Sur.

On paper, this might be the best one yet of this season and I have been vocal about my appreciation for this but for some reason, the third episode, despite having the best Tribal Council so far, it frustrates me because there are only few people given strategic perspectives in their confessionals. 

We get it Probst, this season is Blood vs Water but you don't have to juice out every possible dramatic scenario for every pair. I am getting tired of the dramatics every Reward Challenge and it doesn't help that the challenges are not that exciting because even though they're playing with each other, reward is the only thing at stake, and I guess Exile Island. But what about tribal dynamics? We need more of those. After having a season with challenge practices, chicken reward celebrations, rice dumpings, etc., here they are stepping backwards again. I miss Cagayan!

Not only that, I don't know if it's the editing or the players but one of the things I dislike about this season is that only a few players are given strategic perspectives in their confessional. The rest are just either for complaints, narratives, etc. Those factors are important, I get it, but strategy is also one thing that made the last couple of seasons work. It's not that these people aren't smart or whatsoever, but it's hard to root for people when they only narrate scenes, and we can't figure out what their strategies are in this game.

Speaking of confessionals featuring strategy, Josh is one of this season's players that's been consistently shown talking about game moves. For Coyopa, it's definitely him and for Hunahpu, it's Jeremy. I don't see any looming danger for these two anytime soon so I assume they'll both go far and one of them would win. It would be an exciting end game hopefully but see how it can be predictable? Oh well... I'm really hoping I'm wrong.

This week, Josh gets another Plummy for leading the charge to flush out the idol from Rocker, and forming a new alliance where his voice will be heeded. Baylor remains by his side, and now with Wes, Jaclyn and Alec and he's totally golden in his tribe. Let's proceed to the ranking:

16. Dale

There's something off about Dale this episode. It seems like he's starting to get comfortable and cocky, and I didn't like that. Coyopa did a great job for keeping him in the dark because I'm sure that if even only one of them informed him about the John Rocker boot, he's gonna blab it, John's gonna play his idol, and we'd be robbed with a John blindside. So thank you Coyopa!

15. Alec

Thank goodness Alec voted John Rocker because I thought he'd be the reason why Josh's plan would not come to fruition. Still, I don't like his reasoning behind wanting to keep John instead of Baylor. It's an acceptable reason but it's also boring so, I don't like Alec that much anymore. Plus, I don't like how he sarcastically mocked Natalie after the Immunity Challenge. 

14. Reed

Still invisible but harmless. I have a feeling he's not gonna last long.

13. Kelley

Too quiet this episode. I am not sure who's the token invisiblonde anymore. Is it Jaclyn or is it Kelley? Both are but so far, Kelley is more invisible.

12. Jon

MVP of the Immunity challenge handsdown.

11. John

I've got nothing against John because I think he's nice deep inside but there's obviously some scenes that was not shown last episode. Still, I love me some drama so it would probably be boring in Coyopa now that their biggest star is gone. But better him than Baylor I guess. Underdogs FTW

10. Wes

I'm starting to like Wes. I like that he's more inclined in following through Josh's plan compared to Alec and I like that he actually followed through it and helped in executing the Josh blindside. Wes clearly knows how to play the game but we need to see more of him so we can judge him thoroughly.

9. Keith

Oh Keith! Reminds me of Rudy Boesch for his comment about Josh's sexuality. A little bigot but for some reason, he still comes across as hilarious and lovable. I'd love for Keith to stay longer and I think he can because he's allies with Jeremy.

8. Baylor

My lowest rank for Baylor so far but I still love her as hell. I love a player who consistently fights for their life even if they're in an almost hopeless situation. I love that she approaches people and actually ask them about forming an alliance. Basically, I love that she makes moves that even if she's not the reason why Wes and Alec flipped to their side, her efforts are highly appreciated. I can see her going far, really. She consistently have massive airtime too!

7. Jeremy

Jeremy might have been a little too defensive but what can you do? Val is his wife and she was voted out despite having a deal with one of his wife's tribemate. But I like him because he continuously exceeds my expectations. To me, he doesn't reek of intelligence, but his likability shines and it works for him well. I think he's got a good combination of good common sense and charisma that's why I think he's gonna go far and possibly win too.

6. Drew

Drew has been edited negatively since the premiere. I thought it's going to change anytime soon but it never changed and it might never will since next week, it looks like it will be the peak of his negativity. But I find him super hilarious so I've got nothing against him. The more he stays, the better. I hope him and Baylor ends up being the Final 2. It would be fabulous.

5. Missy

The angelic Missy wasn't shown that much this episode but she's still the consoling mommy that never fails to make me awww. She teared up when Wes and Keith were having some moment, and then she's the one who consoled Julie when she felt alone. Missy FTW!

4. Natalie

Love Natalie's fire! Her moment with Rocker after the Immunity Challenge is currently the most debated scene of the season in different Survivor communities and she may not be the most righteous player at that moment, I'm with her because I love it when someone stands up for themselves. Plus, I love that she's not afraid to voice out her thoughts to her tribemates. One regarding Drew. But I like both so I hope they spare the two from being voted off.

3. Julie

A goddess that keeps on giving. She's exceeded my expectations of her numerous times and I love every moment she's in. Now that John is gone, I hope Julie can focus on the game more and prove to the viewers further that she's actually a gamer. I would also love to see her win this game.

2. Josh

He's got so many haters but he consistently impress me for leading the charge in Coyopa. That's why I'm a fan. He easily created an alliance, something Baylor can't even do. He's got credibility and likability that his tribemates don't see any ounce of doubt with him. I hope he continues to lead the charge in Coyopa and I freakin hope they start winning now too.

1. Jaclyn

LOL Jaclyn. This is most likely unexpected but I love her this episode. The idea of Jaclyn amuses me. An invisiblonde but for some reason, they always give her a shining moment at Tribal being a snarky warrior no one ever saw coming. It's a bonus that she's beautiful. Like Julie, she's also exceeded my expectations because I thought she's just going to be one of Coyopa's weakest member but she actually comes off as strong may it be in challenges, in spirit and in battling the elements. I don't see her complaining and I love it when she speaks her mind and fight for her spot in the game. I hope she goes far. :)

1. Jeremy
2. Josh
3. Baylor

Next week: Hunahpu faux kingpin is gonna rule our world and I can't wait for it. I hope Hunahpu loses so we'd be able to discover more of their dynamics.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gone Girl

Director: David Fincher
With: Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck, Carrie Coon, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry

I tried to make this as spoiler free as possible but read it as you may. This movie...may truly...kill me. As I've waited to see this for months and now that I did, I just may die because of its awesomeness. Of course, that's an exaggeration but it truly didn't disappoint one bit. David Fincher made another film adaptation of a bestseller with a twist so great, it's hard to move on from it and as usual, he paved the way, yet again, for one of his actor to have the peak of their career by casting them in a complex and iconic character. He did it with his past two films The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, with Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg and Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander. Here, it's Rosamund Pike who played Amy Elliott-Dunne, The Amazing Amy.

A testament of a good film adaptation of a mystery [and comedy] thriller like Gone Girl is the nonstop reaction of the crowd during all the twists and turns of the film. Heck even before and after its turning point, which is super amazing by the way, people are so into it. I've read the book that's why it's so amusing whenever people react to Fincher and Flynn's deceptions. They're the same reactions I've got when I read it. I happened to sit beside an adorable old lady whose reactions are hilarious. She's clearly slayed by the film. From her reactions to the douchebaggery of Nick Dunne and how it diverted to being disgusted by Amy's amazing psychopathic deeds. She kept going on and on with her reactions varying from "siraulo" (crazy), to "sakit sa ulo" (headache), to "papatayin ka niyan" (she'll kill you) and a number of "six weeks pregnant" when the idiot pregnant neighbor Noelle revealed that Amy was 6-weeks pregnant. Often times, viewers like this would annoy me but she just added up to the exciting movie experience that is Gone Girl.

Gone Girl doesn't need CGI, it doesn't need to be viewed in 3D or IMAX to be considered an incredible movie experience because for what it is, it IS an incredible movie experience. A super entertaining movie that tickled my fancy especially at the second act of the film where it revealed its tumble-inducing curve, with Amy Dunne throwing pens while driving and ranting about men's standards regarding "cool girls". I'm a little bit jealous that I've read the book prior into watching because I'd love to have the same large reactions of the nonreaders in the movies. Nevertheless, whether you read the bestseller or not, the film pushes you to think, to wonder, to suspect, to believe and to react to whatever the film mis/leads you and it's an exhilarating feeling. It helps a lot that Fincher made this fast-paced, incorporated with the persuasive score of Fincher's resident scorer Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross that effectively adds to the tension of the scenes. 

Ben Affleck is good. Carrie Coon is good. Tyler Perry's alright. Neil Patrick Harris is funky and funny. But Rosamund Pike playing the titular character is truly the star of the film handsdown. She completely owned the film and stole Affleck's thunder despite being barely in the first part of the film. I won't say that Affleck didn't shine though because he did. Let's just say, Rosamund is just simply way more amazing. She epitomized the wickedly twisted, one and only Amy Elliott-Dunne. She made an iconic book character even more iconic with how she portrayed this delusional human being in this film, and Fincher made sure that she will and they're successful in doing it. She's truly perfect for the role and has exceeded my expectations. The divergence of her acting as the cool and elegant girl Amy Dunne to the deglamorized faux dead woman into a merciless femme fatale is not only spectacular, but extremely thrilling. She made it so enjoyable watching a character, who never begged to be loved, but with the variety of layers that she showed, there's no way you would not appreciate her in this film.

She IS the movie for me, along with of course Fincher's direction and Flynn's genius script. A script that didn't follow the conventional happy or sad ending, rather she ended it with a disturbing yet awesome conclusion that would probably haunt you days after seeing it. It's not as cogent as how Flynn ended her book but it's similarly maddening. It's like we're all Nick Dunne and the film is Amy Dunne, and we finally cracked the film's skull, discovering the crumpled and tangled wires that made the whole movie so gripping, wild and interesting.

It had some changes from the book but it kept all the exciting parts. It didn't include some of my favorite themes from the book. For one, Nick's hateship with his father but it doesn't matter in the end because Fincher clearly focused on making the film an entertaining ride rather than making it dramatic and sentimental. Fincher meant to entertain and he did! This is my favorite David Fincher film to date.

Gone Girl will go down as a classic femme fatale movie. A womancentric movie that will become one of the most memorable films of its genre, and Rosamund Pike just put herself a few levels up the film industry. From being a bond girl in Die Another Day, to Keira Knightley's sister in Pride & Prejuice and now the iconic Amy Dunne in Gone Girl. With this portrayal, she will never be forgotten ever again.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


I don't know about you but I am highly enjoying this season. Yes, it doesn't have uber hilarious characters, yes, it doesn't have explosive Tribal Councils but there's something about this cast that's refreshing to me. They're so different compared to the complex and aggressive Cagayan players and they're also different than the first Blood vs Water so I've got no complains even though they're slightly inferior than the past seasons shot in the Philippines.

But I think one main reason why I am enjoying this is the existence of Baylor. I firmly believe that when you're enthusiastic with a player, whether you hate or love that player, that a season is going to be an enjoyable ride because you have someone to watch for. Unless that player gets voted out early. This season, it's Baylor. It's an unpopular opinion because she's massively hated by many in Survivor forums but there's something about her that's engaging. She, truly is the polarizing character this season, not John Rocker.

During the first episode, she flipped right off the first Tribal Council. Then, this episode, her wrestling duel with her mom is probably my favorite part of the episode wherein her puppy dog eyes manipulated her mother Missy to lose her energy, resulting to a point for Coyopa. That shows character for me. Then at Tribal, Val and Jaclyn threw her under the bus and in the end, she's still safe and kicking. Oh boy, she's going to be fun to watch especially if she goes far, and I truly hope that she goes far because she's the main fuel that keeps me from liking this season.

But I'm picking Josh as the recipient of this week's Plummy -- by solidifying his alliance with Baylor, maintaining his middle position in Coyopa, seeing John Rocker as an asset to his game, and keeping both Baylor and Rocker at the end of their Tribal. He's playing a great game so far and no one's even close.

On to the ranking:

17. Val

Val is likable on paper but what she did was idiotic. Lying about having two idols, that's ludacris/abimaria. Funny thing is that Rocker believed him but it didn't matter because she's leaving anyway and she doesn't have an idol to save her life. If only she told the truth to Rocker, she might have been saved. But the Oscar winning moment that she's referring to is a faux. I won't miss Val at all.

16. Wes

Kudos to winning the challenge against Jeremy. That's really unexpected.

15. Alec

No substance despite being in the losing team. He's clearly not running the show and it might be too early to say, but with his invisible edit this episode, he might not be the winner of SJDS.

14. Keith

From no. 1 to no. 14. Unfortunately, there's not enough Keith this episode so I can't really put him higher in this ranking.

13. Dale

I thought it's adorable for Dale to watch out for Kelley, her daughter but other than that, he's not a hero nor a villain this episode. Plain edit.

12. Reed

He's finally having airtime and he's the one who talked to Jeff about the Hunahpu flint situation. But we still haven't heard anything from Reed regarding the game so I have no clue where his head's at.

11. John

John is already starting to show his true colors. But in the meantime, I'm actually enjoying him. His two losses this episode, one with Julie and one with Jon, are amazing. If he continues to be edited as a loser then I won't mind seeing him go far even with his nasty comments. LOL at believing Val's lie too. WTF

10. Jon

Major kudos to Jon for admitting that he lost the flint. That shows a lot about his sportmanship and athleticism. But way more kudos for defeating John in the wrestling challenge. But other than that, I thought his scene with Drew was ridiculous. He's still likable, though.

9. Jeremy

Again, we're seeing some strategy talks from Jeremy. His side deal with Rocker was great. But now that Rocker failed to protect Val, I'm afraid Jeremy will avenge his wife. Unfortunately, Julie will pay the price. Too bad because I like both.

8. Drew

Drew continues to have a negative edit but despite the negativity, he's also hilarious. His side comments, smirks and douchey smiles are all glorious to watch. I'm not even annoyed even though I think he's a joke.

7. Kelley

Kelley got a decent edit and from what I saw of her, I like. She's proven that she's strong, and likable too. I'm still curious on what other things she can do though. I really hope Hunahpu loses next episode.

6. Josh

Josh is the man. He's playing the game as if he's the original fan of Survivor, not Reed. He's on a different league compared to his Coyopa tribemates and he's very stealth about it. He's going to go far. He might win this.

5. Jaclyn

I thought Jaclyn was going to be a dud throughout the season. I thought she's going to get voted out without anything of substance or importance. But she's proven that she's not weak, both physically and I guess mentally. She's not a sheep as she's feisty. Love it when she defeated Kelley in the first round of the wrestling challenge. Love her even more when she showed her sassy side at Tribal. I hope she goes far.

4. Julie

Julie is an angel. I really thought that she's going to be a bitch and if not a bitch, snarky and smug and arrogant. But she has already proven after two episodes that she doesn't complain and is actually willing to play. Love her social interactions. And yay at defeating John Rocker. That's a huge accomplishment.

3. Natalie

Natalie is love. Her reaction out of Nadiya leaving was touching (and the background music helped a lot). She showed a softer side of her and it's just heart melting. Now that she's moved on, I hope she's stronger and sassier. Love her side comments about Drew, and I think I'll love her even more next week when she fights against John Rocker.

2. Missy

Wow Missy. I love you. What an angel. First, her comforting Natalie was a true act of kindness. Second, I felt her when she couldn't fight her daughter after accidentally hurting her. She's a kind soul and I hope she goes far. I hope we see more of her strategic skills too. Because she obviously has the social game turned on.

1. Baylor

This young woman is going to be fun to watch. After two episodes, she's already flipped, had a fight, cried, confronted, made allies, etc. And that's what I love most about her. She's playing and she's not resting. She's moving and there's danger surrounding her but she keeps on surviving. It's fun to root for a player whose always on the chopping block yet always finds her way to be safe and I hope that would be the case for Baylor for a long time in this game even if she doesn't win, as long as she keep on surviving and annoying the shit out of her competitors. Go Baylor!

1. Josh
2. Jeremy
3. Baylor
4. Natalie

Next episode, John Rocker unleashes his true colors, but he has the idol so I don't think he'll get voted out. He's shown that he's not that smart though so we'll see.

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