Sunday, July 6, 2014

Grace of Monaco

Director: Olivier Dahan
With: Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth, Frank Langella

I am not that interested in stories about royalties and struggling celebrities but unlike other films with the same theme as this like The Queen or The Iron Lady, Grace of Monaco did not make me interested in it. It's so uninteresting and boring despite how pretty and pleasant it looks. The Iron Lady is not a good comparison because it also had a fair share of flaws but the dementia part at least hooked me and Monaco got nothing for its audience to hook.

My opinion of Grace of Monaco reminds me of my opinion for My Week with Marilyn except the latter made me more engaged with the film because of Michelle Williams' portrayal of Marilyn Monroe. Not saying Nicole Kidman sucked but her character Grace Kelly didn't require a lot of commitment and changes. Thus, her acting was okay but there's nothing much to see in it. Her performance is actually the reason why I watched it. I am not disappointed but I wouldn't mind if I just skipped it. At least I learned a lot about Grace Kelly.

Between the stars Nicole Kidman, Frank Langella and Tim Roth, no one really stood out as the three were not juiced out by Olivier Dahan. To be quite frank, watching this made me understand why there are so many controversies about this film and its distributor The Weinstein Company. Without knowing what's all behind the drama, I assume Harvey wanted so many changes in the film and Dahan refused to follow him resulting to this mess. So I guess, I'm on Harvey's side in this. There's really so much to improve in this film - from the choice of shots to the bland dialogues, etc.

The movie is so blah that I guess it's just apt to leave it here like it didn't happen. After all, the elegant Nicole Kidman has a lot of films this year so let's just focus on those. Queen of the Desert ya'll!