Saturday, August 9, 2014

1st Ko Si 3rd - Cinemalaya New Breed

Director: Real Florido
With: Nova Villa, Dante Rivero, Freddie Webb, Ruby Ruiz, Lara Morena

Synopsis from Cinemalaya: A 65-year old woman gets reunited with her first love, and finally the supposed first date happens four decades after they got separated.

I'm pretty sure most Cinemalaya fans expected this film to be the feel-good movie of the bunch. The trailer suggests that and well, it stars the veteran comedian Nova Villa. But while it's comedic in some parts, it actually ended in a dark manner. The story is kind of predictable and the humor is kind of corny sometimes, but this comedy-drama ended in such a high note that it's easy to overlook the film's flaws.

I love the depiction of Corazon's monotonous life after retiring from her job because it reminded me so much of my mom who painted our house after she retired lol. And then the film got a little more interesting when Third (Freddie Webb), Corazon's first love appeared. Unfortunately, they did not juice out Freddie Webb's potential and it's sort of disappointing. I like the flashbacks though but I thought their relationship was too shallow and silly especially the sprain part. Then it got a little too serious when the film shifted back on Corazon's relationship with her husband Alejandro (Dante Rivero). But I guess it's part of the message they're trying to convey.

It's a promising film in the beginning but it slowly faded to grey when nothing spectacular or interesting is happening and then the climax happened and it felt a little too late but it didn't have a catharsis which interestingly made me appreciate the film a bit more.

Nova Villa was adorable as Corazon. She's so cute and she shines in the comedic parts of the film, and even in the serious ones. This is probably unpopular though but her Becca of Rabbit Holesque breakdown scene inside the car was sort of forced for me and it wasn't moving so I am not that wow'd by her performance. Her best friend played by Ruby Ruiz however is a great supporting actress. I find her funnier than Villa. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets another nod this year after her win for Ekstra from last year because she aces every scene she's in.

Overall, it's an okay film. I really love its ending because there's such an ambiguity to what Corazon was feeling when she left the memories of Third. There's something about the last frame that's bittersweet and I love that I can't define the line between the bitter and sweet in it. Somehow it reminds me of Jason Reitman's way of ending Young Adult. That there's something about the film that will leave you feeling dark and sad.