Friday, March 14, 2014

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 3 Ranking

Sigh. SADDEST EPISODE EVER. The worstest worst case scenario happened. What a bummer!

I blame the Brawns tribe for this disaster. They are horrible at throwing the Immunity challenge. But who am I kidding? My favorite Brains tribe sucks so much in challenges, it hurts. But again, J'Tia happened and it's entertaining but it's also very unfortunate.

This week, I have to give Spencer the Plummy for being the hero of both Reward and Immunity challenges and for surviving the Brains tribe vote. He's the hero even if they lost both challenges. But losing a basketball head to head with Cliff Robinson, that's not too shabby.

15. Sarah
Sarah just lost her massive kickass potential. It turns out that she bit Tony's lies and from the looks of it, I don't think there's no turning back. It seems like there's no chance that she'll confront Lindsey/Cliff about their alleged plan to vote her out. But with the tribal shuffle next episode, I don't think this would matter much for the next coming days. Or who knows? This could backfire to Tony once again. For now, she's a fool for trusting Tony bigtime. The SARAHOWNAGE didn't happen and I'm skeptical that it would happen anytime soon.

14. Jefra
Too invisible this episode, Jefra. Til next week!

13. Trish
I can't feel Trish's spirit anymore. If winning is about airtime like how it usually does, then I say Trish's chances of winning is starting to dwindle. But with the twist next episode, there's still a lot of room for redemption and storylines. Please have some more personality and if you're winning, please have a winning personality.

12. Jeremiah
I'm still Team Morgan but Jeremiah kind of redeemed himself this week. Helped in winning the Immunity challenge which saved Morgan's ass. No complains.

11. Lindsey
Lindsey was adorable this episode with her friendship with Cliff and challenge wacks. But other than that, devoid of substance. :/

10. Alexis
AlexASS indeed. She's kind of adorable this episode with the chicken thing and it seems like there's a possibility that she'll team up with Morgan but we'll see. There's a twist next week so all of this Beauty drama probably won't even matter.

9. Tony
So... Tony's "unnecessary" lies to Sarah worked. I don't know if it's Sarah's gullibleness or stupidity but for now, I choose to think that it's because of those factors + Tony's just a good liar, or okay, let's go ahead and declare that he's a good player. Tony's lies have yet to prove if it would work for his game but so far, so good! So, what would Tony do next? Who is going to be his next victim?

8. Woo
Woo gave a lot of interesting and fun confessionals this episode. He also showed some perspective about strategy which I appreciate. Strategy and personality is always appreciated btw. It's ironic because Sarah and Woo formed a bond or an allegiance with each other but their reasons behind it are different. Woo would benefit with this alliance because he's now with the majority while maintaining his friendship with Cliff. This is a huge advantage for Woo especially with the upcoming twist. This episode also showed that he's willing to backstab even a close friend for the sake of his life in the game. There's a twist next week though so.. we'll see. Woo's really complex this episode.

7. LJ
LJ probably wins this. But I guess it's too early too tell because there's a lot of twists and turns in this game that could affect anyone's plans. If LJ's lucky with the upcoming twist, he'll be able to maneuver his way to the merge with newly formed alliance while maintaining her original Beauty alliance. Then, it would give him so many options come merge. Plus his idol. Plus his charisma. Plus his challenge skills. He's one of my winner picks now.

6. Cliff
When Cliff receives a lot of airtime, expect that everyone would love him. He's in a hot pickle right now because of Tony. And the Brawns tribe could easily throw him under the bus as the Brawns sacrificial lamb in the upcoming twist. But I don't want to underestimate Cliff's likability factor. I think there's a huge chance that people from other tribes would like him and therefore, he'll manage to find a group where he belongs. I'm rooting for Cliff but there's really just no way he'll win this game.

5. Morgan
Morgan survived and I couldn't be happier. It's kind of bittersweet because I'm rooting HARD for her but I'm also rooting harder for the Brainwrecks. I'm just happy that the tribal shuffle could mean a new light to Morgan's blurry journey to the end game. With her social skills, I definitely think that she can jiggle her way to form new bonds and form new alliances. But enough with the future, Morgan was also awesome this episode. She's got a great attitude after losing Brice and ending up at the opposite side of the spectrum. Not butthurt nor a crybaby at all. I expected her to be one but she proved me wrong. She actually continues to prove all the stereotypes wrong. She seems strong. After tribal, she was calm & collected and was able to confront Jeremiah in front of her fellow Beauties. She also apologized to Alexis for writing her name down while blatantly throwing Jeremiah under the bus. And to top it all, she provided great confessionals about Jeremiah that showed her fun personality. I missed that last week from Morgan and I'm glad it's back.

4. Kass
No KASSOWNAGE this episode but since this is the last episode that features the complete 4 Brainwrecks, I decided to put all of them in my top 4. Luzon has become one of my favorite tribes ever. Each of them show more complexities and personalities than the rest of the cast combined. Kass' uniqueness just made them even better and more interesting. I'm just glad that she survived and was never in danger of being voted out and I hope it continues for the rest of the season. Now that there's an upcoming twist, I hope Kass is ready to put the history of the Brains tribe behind, look the game in the eye and show more of her strategic prowess. I could see her going the path of Denise in Survivor Philippines but I would love if she continues to use the book of Sandra by voting out whoever as long as it ain't her. I'm interest to see her in a new group of people. I'm ready!

3. Tasha
The last three episodes, Tasha showed her dominant game strategically and socially. She was never in danger of being voted out. So far in Luzon, both her and Kass are the only players never to receive a single vote against them and that's pretty impressive for a 6-men tribe who went to three out of four tribal councils. But what's even more impressive is that unlike Kass, Tasha's name was never mentioned as a target. She successfully saved her own game by destroying an alliance that Garrett and Spencer lead, I think she used J'Tia not only as an ally but a shield as well and that speaks volumes to her ability of playing a great strategic game. I hope Spencer is sincere when he said that he'll prove to Tasha that they've made the right decision of sparing him. But with the looming tribal shuffle, I'm pretty sure that the three of them would do anything to be in the majority and that could mean that the three would break up and it's every man for themselves. For what it's worth, I hope that luck goes to Tasha's side and continues to play a dominant Survivor game because she does it so entertainingly. Good luck!!!

2. J'Tiamazing
If you've been reading my Survivor rankings from the premiere to last episode, you should know by now how bummed I am that J'Tia is voted out. J'Tia provided brilliant comic reliefs to this game. She was a hurricane from the three episodes she's in. Most of my friends are wondering why I love her so much but it's pretty clear why, she's a trainwreck but managed to outlast 3 other castaways. She brings the fun to the craziness and vice versa and what's not to love. It would have been more epic if she lasted longer because as we all know, she already did all the reasons why people get voted out on Survivor. Unfortunately, she's also the main reason of her mishap and from her confessionals, she's aware of that. She just can't catch a break in those challenges. It sucks so hard because they almost won both challenges against the dreaful Brawns tribe. If only the staff could rig the games for them. If only. She will be missed. Please return for another season!

1. Spencer
Spencer is my least favorite among the 4 remaining Brains tribe but also one of my top favorites among the whole cast. Spencer has always been up there, but since J'Tia and Spencer are threats to each other, I can't help but root for J'Tia more just because I love her more. I love the entertainment she brings to Survivor. But now that J'Tia's voted out, there's no more hindrance in fully committing on the Spencer bandwagon. This episode, Spencer didn't go wrong. He saved himself fair and square by showing that he's clearly the best asset for his tribe. He's truly the HERO of the Brains tribe especially in the Immunity challenge where he almost singlehandedly performed everything for them. The best thing about it is that he remained calm and humble instead of pointing fingers and being upset to all of them when they returned to their camp. He knows that there's a huge chance Tasha and Kass would give him credit for his heroic challenge performances. So, he didn't scramble, went and talked to the right people, blamed the right person and it worked well in his favor. He survived! Like Morgan, there's a new light to his dying game. I think Spencer is social enough, likable enough and smart enough to gather people to his side. I'm pretty sure that he'll survive the coming rounds especially that the preview entails that the Beauty, Brawn & Brains tribes are no more. I think whatever twist they have to face next episode, Spencer would benefit most to it.

Winner Picks:
1) LJ
2) Trish

I love how clueless I am this season. I love that most of my predictions are wrong. Just proves how unpredictable this season is or it's predictable but I'm just over-thinking. All I'm asking is that the great characters go far and the duds to get voted out stat.

Next episode: A tribal shuffle! Hopefully this means that Spencer/Tasha/Kass would Malnise their way to the end and the Brawns players would be targeted because of numbers. I have no clue what's gonna happen next. I think this tribal shuffle would definitely shape up the future of this season. I hope the newly formed tribes create great tribal dynamics and strategic complexities as the last two tribal shuffles have been lame. Can't wait for next week!

Again, thanks for reading. Tweet me @jaynormouskid for comments/reactions/suggestions. Til next episode of Survivor Cagayan!