Friday, May 9, 2014

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 11 Ranking

No more SPENSHA :( Goodbye Tasha! You had a great run.

Don't expect a lengthy writeup. This episode is so bad that I'm just uninspired to write anything about it.

This week, no one receives a Plummy because no one managed to make me satisfied and happy this episode.

6. Trish

I HATE THAT TRISH IS TOO UNDERSTANDING. When Tony blindsided her with the LJ boot, LJ who was her boy toy, she didn't do anything but still trust Tony. When Tony once again blindsided her with Jefra, she didn't do anything because she understood Tony's reasoning behind the move. What.the.hell? I guess she's doing the right thing because Tony serves as her shield throughout the game but cmon woman, show some anger towards Tony. But enough of Trish, I still think that she's gonna win.

5. Kass

I HATE KASS FOR PLAYING STRATEGICALLY THIS ROUND. Seriously, of all rounds to play smart, why this round? Is Tasha really that huge of a threat? lol absolutely. But Kass has been playing with her emotions throughout the game, why change now? If only she was being consistent with her emotional gameplay, then Trish would have left this round but since she's just singlehandedly ruined everything, I just don't know what to do with her. I guess the only thing I like about her is that she's a chaos maker and she spared J'Tia. But sometimes, even the chaos that she makes are just annoying that even Tony was being equally lolworthy all throughout their quarrel, I can't help but choose Tony's side. Oh well.

4. Tony

I HATE THAT TONY IS SO GOOD AT READING PEOPLE. Fact of the matter is, Tony just did his own thing and I will never blame him for that. I'm actually kind of rooting for him now now that Tasha's gone. But since I'm a Tasha fan first, I hate that he's so good at the game that there's no way he'd get eliminated til Final 4. 

3. Woo

I HATE THAT WOO IS A PUSSY. Don't get me wrong, Woo amused all the Survivor fans and the Filipino kids with his entertaining performance. Handsdown he was awesome. But game wise, he stammered his way to destroy a great plan. He's worse than King Bertie. 

2. Spencer

I HATE THAT SPENCER WON THAT IMMUNITY. First, it broke Tasha's record of winning 4 Immunity Challenges consecutively. Second, I do believe that if Tasha won this week's Immunity, that Tony wouldn't let Spencer get voted out and there might be a chance that Woo and Kass follow the split vote plan. Just because Tasha is perceived as the ultimate threat, not Spencer. Also, I love kids and I would never consider calling them 'Little Monsters'.

1. Tasha

I HATE THAT TASHA GOT VOTED OFF. Nevertheless, Tasha is the first player this season to be ranked no. 1 in spite getting voted off. Tasha is the right person to vote out. She's the biggest threat remaining in the game. Even her admitted that everything she said to sway them to vote her way was bullshit. But I've kind of moved on now. Point is, she made me proud. 6th place is not bad. Three consecutive Immunity wins (in which I think no one pointed this out so far but the challenges that she won are different from each other -- mental, endurance and skill) is something to be proud of especially that she's a product of one of the worst (yet entertaining) tribes of all time. She must return and she will be missed. Even Parvati declared her as her Survivor Idol. That's HUGE.


NEXT EPISODE: I wish I like Kass and Trish because the fight seems exciting but meh. Without Tasha I won't have the same enthusiasm with this season. But I'm looking forward to know if Spencer can survive with or without Immunity.

Til next week. Tell me your reactions for this episode by tweeting me @jaynormouskid