Friday, April 4, 2014

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 6 Ranking

Where do we start with this episode? Oh yes, it's all about #ChaosKass. LOL. What an epic episode. Even if the result dwindles the chances of my favorites, it definitely made for a great episode, great Tribal Council and blurrier or more unpredictable future.

Of course a Pagonging is possible but I'm optimistic that it won't happen especially with these crazy players but if it does, then, lame. But so far, so good and I trust that there's going to be more crazy flip flopping in the future.

Let's go straight with the Plummy. This episode reminds me of the Premiere, where I'm giving the Plummy not necessarily to the player who made the best moves, but instead I'm giving it to the player who earned her spot in an All Star season. It's none other than Chaos Kass!

11. Jefra
People find her adorable and she really is adorable but c'mon.

10. Woo
Wooh! Congrats on winning Immunity!

9. LJ
LJ had a weak merge episode and that's not a good thing for his chances in winning the game. In his alliance, it was Trish and Tony who did the damage and LJ didn't do much. I think it would continue to be like that unless he flips on Tony, Trish and Woo somewhere along the merge. It would be logical for him to flip because those three are all Brawns and him and Jefra are in the minority in that alliance. Fortunately, I think LJ is smart enough to think about that. He already stated his wariness for Tony so I guess we'll have to see. I can see him pulling Morgan and Jeremiah to his side, possibly Spencer and Tasha too but I don't know. Anything can happen. Also, I forgot to mention his idol show with Tony at Tribal. Can't say I'm impressed because he wasted it, but I think he just did his best to save his alliance. It's just disappointing because both promised that they won't tell the idol to anyone. I thought that's gonna work well for him but it ended up to insignificancy.

8. Spencer
There's nothing exciting about Spencer this episode. In an episode where everyone showed themselves being interesting, Spencer paled in comparison because he's all about strategy and serious mode. Not good TV. Also, his remark to Kass after Tribal Council was kind of abrasive, lol but definitely understandable. I still wish him and his alliance good luck.

7. Morgan
I was definitely surprised that she's one of the top 3 in the Immunity challenge. I hope she wins one in the next couple of episodes because it would be hella  attractive. But other than her impressive challenge performance and amazing pilates posture, she didn't do much aside from reading tree mails. Can't wait for her feud with Kass next episode though. I wanna see some claws.

6. Jeremiah
I'm really starting to like Jeremiah. From being an untrustworthy player, he's now earned to be a loyal player to his alliance. That's a plus especially that I'm rooting for his alliance. I wish he serves as peacemaker between Kass and Sarah though. He was there when Kass and Sarah argued about targets. It maybe a good thing to stay away from it but the fact that they need to be united, he should have fixed the issue rather than delaying it. And see what happened? Kass flipped. lmfao. Oh well..

5. Tony
I'm still anti-NuSolana but I can't help but give Tony some props for providing so much energy and passion about the game. He likes scrambling and sometimes, as annoying and unnecessary his moves and lies can be, he adds up to the excitement factor of the show. Watching him play is like watching someone who really likes what he's doing and I'm glad he's having the time of his life in the island. I think I've mentioned before that he's sort of like a low budgeted Russell Hantz. I take that back now. I think there's a lot of goodness in him despite playing a devious and manipulative game. Also, even if he's an airtime hogger, he's way more tolerable than the past season's token hoggers.

4. Tasha
I'm rooting for Tasha so much and I'm hoping that she flips the table around on the NuSolana alliance. I trust that she will. She's adorable even after being blindsided by Chaos Kass' flippage. All the players on her side kind of had a negative reaction to Kass but she still managed to smile. Graceful. I hope that continues and I hope she reserves her frustration and try to win Kass back to their side. I'm starting to become skeptical though because of their exchanges in Twitter. :/ But I hope they just do that per episode. :/// Also, I hope she finds the Tyler Perry idol and I hope she has more airtime in the coming episodes.

3. Trish
Trish is back in the winner radar. Her edit last episode hints that she knows how to play the game. It's sort of subtle or Tony's just a more overwhelming presence than her but let's not kid ourselves. Aside from Kass' hatred for Sarah, Trish was one of the main orchestrators of the Sarah blindside. Woman's got game. While having pilates sessions with the ladies which is a plus to her social capability, Trish didn't drop the strategic aspect by observing on what's happening between Kass and Sarah. She's the only one who figured out that there's a feud between them which lead her to convince Kass to go to their side. Unlike Sarah who kept on demanding that they follow her plan, Trish used the reverse psychology tool to lure Kass and it magically worked.  Like I said, I'm still team Tasha and the NuAparri in general, but if Trish continues to be fierce in the game then I wouldn't be surprised if she wins this whole thing.

2. Sarah
We need more players like Sarah. President Sarah. Queen Sarah. Sandwich Sarah. You don't mess with Sarah, according to Sarah. What a delusional player that instead of being frustrated about everything she said in the episode, I just learned solely from last episode to just enjoy everything that comes out from her mouth. She's basically the girl who was wrong about everything except for figuring out that Tony's a cop. LOL Seriously, the reason why I kind of understand what lead Kass to vote Sarah's ass out of the game is because she really was annoying as an ally. She kept on demanding the wrong things for the NuAparri alliance and I just can imagine how frustrating that was for her allies, especially Kass whom Sarah called a bully. It's frustrating when a person villifies you for the wrong things when actually that person you're villifying is just looking for the betterment of her people. Sarah's crazy but I appreciate what she brought to the game. For someone who I thought was going to be a dud, a boring monotonic player, she exceeded my expectation. And as much as I would rather see her feud with Chaos Kass extend, it ended quickly but beautifully.

1. Chaos Kass
After being sort of under the radar for the past two or three episodes, Kass emerges as a villainous, chaotic character that triggered a lot of haters and fans in social media. I could compare her stardom to J'Tia's level but What's more interesting about Kass is that unlike J'Tia, she doesn't have an over-the-top personality but she still managed to become a polarizing character. In fact, she's very laidback, laidback with a mix of acerbic sarcasm and misanthropy to people. One of those people is Sarah. LMFAO. I rewatched the episode and everytime Sarah speaks the opposite to what Kass was thinking, the cameras pan to Kass' face and we can just see that she's trying to cover the frustration from her face. I find that very funny especially when she said that she wanted to punch Sarah's face sometimes. For the record, I'm obviously team Chaos Kass in this feud. But both are hilarious in this episode. Anyway, people are now comparing Kass to Cochran. I get why but Kass' personality is way different. Kass is remarkable and she actually owns her move and she's not being a pussy about it even after her allies reacted negatively to her after the votes were revealed. There's no way Kass is a pussy. Whether Kass' destroyed her chances and my other favorites' chances, no one knows yet but right now, she builds up the enthusiasm of fans - diehard or casuals and I definitely give her a lot of credit for that. People say that a better result would have been if Jefra left the game and Kass didn't flip, but the feud of Sarah and Kass would end up being anticlimactic if the perfect thing happened. Don't get me wrong, I would rather see Jefra leave last episode because the Sarah-Kass feud is just entertaining to watch and let's face it, Jefra's the most boring contestant left but like I said, this episode wouldn't be this huge if Kass didn't flip. I don't know what's gonna happen next and I'm certainly hoping that there won't be a dark Pagonging in the upcoming episodes. I'm hoping that Kass' life in the game goes on and continues to destroy the games of others. Please flip flop your way to the end Kass and I hope you don't follow the direction of J'Tiamazing.

Winner Prediction:
1. Trish - Lindsey's out and there's no more player who would defame her. She's already built trust with her alliance (see LJ), she's working her social game well (see pilates), and she's proven that she can play the game strategically (see convincing Kass to vote with them), I think she has the right ingredients to go further in the game. She's also not a visible threat so far. She's gonna go far.

2. LJ - Weak episode this week but one weak episode doesn't mean he's not going to win so he's still one of my picks to win the game.

Next week: It's Morgan vs Kass! WAHHH I don't know which side to be in but I'm just gonna enjoy the ride. I'm also really hoping that the people from the NuAparri finds the Tyler Perry idol and Kass stick with them for the upcoming vote. They seem dysfunctional though so I don't know what's next. :////

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