Saturday, March 8, 2014

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 2 Ranking

Storm, Cops, Idol, Coconut buckets, Butterflies. This week's episode is not as intense as the premiere but there's still a LOT of reasons to love.

Survivor went back to its roots by showing that this game is not purely about challenges, social ability and strategy, it's also about overcoming the elements.

It's been a while since we saw a torrential downpour on Survivor and I'm really glad that it's back and is an actual factor this season. Nothing can beat The Australian Outback storm and flood but from what we saw last episode, it may not be as close to Australia but it sure broke down some of our players' spirits and it made for great tribal dynamics.

Another moment that we rarely see in recent seasons is the challenge practice in the Brains tribe. Great decision by the producers/editors for including that because it turns out to be one of the brightest scenes of the episode. It's a great harbinger for the hilarious performance of the Brainwrecks in the Immunity Challenge. Thank God they won! Which caused them to celebrate their inner Gervases. Again, we need to see more loud celebrations like that. :)

There's really something about this episode that made me look back in the old school seasons and made me think Probst et al are somehow listening to their fans.. or probably not but we'll see.

This week, LJ for the most obvious reasons is the recipient of the second Plummy. Find out why!

16. Alexis
This is supposed to be her time to shine because her neck was on the line but she didn't deliver at all and was very very flat. She's really the most disappointing player right now. She survived and all but where's the wonderful personality that we saw in her interviews? The spunk, the krumping, the strategies? It seems like she's devoid of all of those abilities when the game started. And as much as I LOVE that the first three boots are male because that happens so rarely, in fact I don't think it has happened before, I would rather see Alexis leave than Brice because she brings nothing to the table. Even her confessionals are lame.

15. Cliff

Cliff is too invisible this episode that I don't have any opinion of him. Love the stare to nowhere during the storm though.

14. Jeremiah
Jeremiah seems like a nice guy but he proved to be kind of worthless. Of course he did the right thing for his game, but he also ended what could have been a great duo in Survivor - Morgan and Brice. I know it made sense for him to stick with LJ, Alexis and Jefra but I like the other side better. Now they have the majority and the idol, Morgan is toast. Poor her. :(

13. Jefra
On one hand, I appreciate the fact that she strategized and made a decision for herself (and Jeremiah) proving that she's somehow playing the game. On the other hand, her decision was terrible. Sure it made sense for her game but as a fan of the Morgan-Brice duo, Jefra just made herself more annoying other than the fact that she complained a lot during the storm. And as endearing as her accent is, she's also really boring.

12. Woo
The Asian Fabio as they say. I still don't know Woo's strategic capability. From what we saw of him so far and from the editors' choices of Woo clips, he's just having fun. I don't think he's going to win because unlike Fabio, Woo is receiving little to no airtime.

11. Trish
Still my winner pick but slowly starting to doubt it. She's too invisible this episode. TOO INVISIBLE but I think it's too soon to drop her as my winner pick so... we'll see next week.

10. Lindsey
Nothing much to say about Lindsey but she really reminds me of Abi Maria. From her facial expressions, feistiness and all. But the fact that she reminds me of Abi Maria but doesn't receive much airtime makes me think bad about her chances to go further in the game. Who knows? Her laugh when Sarah fell down at the hammock, though.

9. Sarah

Unappealing this episode. She quickly bit Tony's lies and now she's a fool for trusting him. In fairness to her, we still don't know the outcome of this newly formed Cops-R-Us alliance but for now, for quickly accepting Tony's lies without checking or talking with her other tribemates, shes's bound to be a failure. Although if she finds out about this lie, she's golden. She looks pissed next week and seems ready to cut a bitch and it's probably because of Tony so I guess we'll see SARAHOWNAGE next week? Kindly don't disappoint. We love your energy.

8. Spencer
It's getting a little tiring to see him complain about his tribemates because they're awesome and he doesn't see that. Well, I guess it's way different watching them than living with them. Only Spencer can explain that. But for being fantastic in the Immunity puzzle, there's no way I'd welcome him at the bottom of this ranking. I'm pretty sure he's at the bottom of the Brains tribe though.

7. Tony
Thank you reality TV Gods for putting Tony in the Brawns tribe because I swear the Brawns tribe would be extremely boring without him. Also, it baffles me that out of all the Brawns tribe, he seems like he's the only one who's looking for the HII clues. What's up with that? Oh well, plus points for being excited to play the game. Probably too excited. Main problem with him is he is overplaying. If Sarah finds out about his lies he's done, but if he succeeds in getting Sarah to his side, he's probably a genius. If the worst case scenario happens to him, he's lucky he has the idol because he can still turn things around in his favor.

6. J'Tia
We didn't see much of J'Tia goodness this episode. But she's still the star that I love pre show and the premiere. Her dramatic cry at their Immunity win was priceless and glorious, not because I am masochistic and want to see people suffer but the emotions we saw from her was so raw looking. Also, her challenge performance is giving Crystal a run for her money. J'Tia to go far and WIN!!!!

5. Kass
We also didn't see much of Kass this episode but her few facial expressions and reactions gave a funny effect to any scene she's in. The misery and wonder in her face are delightful and so is her sarcasm. I lol'd so hard when her mouth was blurred after J'Tia threw the invisible water at her during the challenge. She's also one of the heroes in that Immunity Challenge. Thank goodness they decided to let her and Spencer do the puzzle. =))

4. Brice
Dot dot dot mmhmmm. So sassy, funny and fierce even in his exit. I don't know if I should go ahead and blame the fact that he's put in a tribe where he's automatically on the outs, but it seems like it really played a huge factor in his elimination. But since this would entertain a neverending debate about issues I don't want to tackle, I'll just mention the fact that Brice's potential was wasted. He seems like he knows how to play the game well and also could be a huge source of one liners and entertaining scenes so I'm really sad that he left early. He's also good in choosing allies. If only Jeremiah didn't flip and Jefra followed through their plan. If only...

3. Morgan
What a beautiful underdog. To me she's the opposite of Alexis because she already exceeded my expectations. It turns me on that she's serious about the game. After the challenge I thought there won't be any scrambling and everything will be about LJ's plan and a few sprinkles of Brice but the minute she approached Jefra about voting with her, I got giddy with excitement. Morgan showed that she's there to play the game and she can do it aggressively and that she'll make moves to go far instead of riding coattails. There's nothing more thrilling than that. Right now, she's the new Spencer wherein if the Beauty tribe loses another challenge, she'll be on the chopping block but I really hope she survives the odds and gets her revenge against Jeremiah and Jefra. I'm rooting hard for her!

2. Tasha
Another great Tasha episode. Seriously, she has all the qualities of being a great player and a great TV character. She's the gift that keeps on giving. She has the humor and the wits that I just love to watch. I love her damage control to Spencer when they went back from Tribal Council. She even mentioned that she'll vote out J'Tia in front of J'Tia but the second Spencer left, she told the girls that he's next if they lose another challenge. HILARIOUS! and what a mastermind, an entertaining one. She's also the brains behind the challenge practice and I truly appreciate it. Tasha keeps on providing great moments and I'd love for her to go far and win. With her winning personality, I most definitely think that she can. :)

1. LJ
LJ remained being normal but managed to shine from this crazy cast and I find that pretty impressive. This episode he made me rethink about my winner pick (which is Trish) because he's quickly becoming very reminiscent of Kim Spradlin. There's still a long way to get to the end but everything he did, and everything he said this episode was notable. 1) He kept his mouth shut despite being annoyed of his needy tribemates, and allies for that matter, 2) He found the idol without any clues and just used his perception of Morgan on why she was in the rocks when they arrived at their camp, 3) Lastly, for keeping his alliance in tact and leading the plan to vote out Brice, and he did that without sounding authoritative or bossy. From being boring, he has definitely made a name for himself now. He's like John Cody except with bigger balls. See, I'm rooting for Morgan but LJ accomplished to earn my respect and probably most of other people despite being the leader of a boring and clique-ish alliance. They're really boring for a group of pretty and clique-ish people.

Winner Pick: Trish

Next week: Brawns tribe, please throw the challenge and hopefully after throwing it, you self destruct ala Zapatera. Everyone would love to see that happen.

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