Friday, March 28, 2014

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 5 Ranking

Weird episode. No one stood out this week. Shorter scrambling time which is unfortunate because I was curious on which zombie the Brains tribe are gonna pick. But they didn't elaborate on that. Finally, I love me some good blindside but the voted out player's reaction made me feel bad. Weird because I'm usually ruthless especially to blindsided players who aren't necessarily my favorites.

In short, the episode left a bad taste in my mouth. As for the Plummy, I'm conflicted on who should I give it to. I'm leaning towards one of these three: Spencer, LJ and Jeremiah

Spencer seemed like the leader of the Brains decision-making right now but it's kind of ambiguous because they only showed his remarks about the voted-out player, Alexis. I wanted to know Tasha and Kass's side but they only chose a few confessionals from them about the situation in
NuAparri. It's also not clear why they had a general consensus on voting out Alexis. I'm wondering if Morgan has a say on it too because she seemed certain and satisfied that Alexis was leaving. It is a mystery.

I'm also leaning towards LJ because his confessional this episode was fascinating. His opinion about Tony indicates that he's wary of him but then again, he didn't say anything because he's still not in the best position in his tribe. He's doing everything a strategy-centered viewer would want a player to do. REALLY REALLY impressive and I'm tempted to give him the third Plummy but he's only a footnote this episode.

Jeremiah, on the other hand, was almost voted out. But he saved himself from backing off a bit despite Tony's plan on putting the target on him when he's already on the tribe's chopping block. He totally saw through Tony's plan in sabotaging his game and was able to do damage control. Whether it worked or not, we don't know. Spencer didn't believe him and was a bit skeptical but we can't blame him because after all, they're playing Survivor.

Spencer did a great job weighing their options. Jeremiah fought to save himself from the numerous targets on his back c/o Tony, Morgan, Alexis. I can only assume what really happened in NuAparri. Whether Jeremiah truly saved himself from being voted out as we saw from last week to this week, or Alexis dug her own grave, or it was Spencer who really saw through these people's plans, I don't know. The editors didn't make it clear.

The episode was pretty vague but I gotta give Jeremiah props for continuously proving why they can trust him without being too forceful, figuring out Tony's plan to destroy his game, and continuously trying to win the Brains' hearts. All of it paid off and he was spared from being voted out. And for that, he wins this week's Plummy.

13. Lindsey
I like Lindsey's side in the Trish-Lindsey feud but I just don't like quitters on Survivor.

12. Jefra
Jefra Bland

11. Tony
Gotta appreciate Tony for stirring the pot at NuAparri but I really hate his way of playing the game. Well, I guess it's not his game but his side, his alliance, I just hate them. They're dull and unlikable. Top 5, Baby. Pfft

10. Trish
She's kinda aggro this episode and I didn't like it. I usually appreciate this kind of persona in reality shows but I think she just kind of crossed the line? She's being a bully towards Lindsey. I chuckled at her punchline though about her being a former man. LOL. I wonder who drew the "SHAME ON YOU LINDSIE" on the sand?

9. Woo
I don't think we'll get an exciting scene from Woo starting next week. He's nice, he's pleasant, had a great sportsmanship especially about the Cliff blindside. He quickly integrated himself from the NuSolana Five but he's also quickly becoming boring. I don't see him stirring the pot come merge and he's going to just be a follower. I predict he's leaving in the merge double boot episode.

8. Sarah
Kudos for picking the better threesome at NuAparri. I'm kind of confident she'll stick with them after hearing Tony's "Top 5 Baby" but I think she's gonna coast through the end by flip flopping sides. She's in an awesome position so I hope she makes the ride fun.

7. LJ
LJ is the only likable one in the NuSolana alliance which is weird because he's very laidback and very boring. But his insights about the game, about Tony's behavior was great. He's really going to win this, is he?

6. Morgan
Morgan got her first revenge and it was sweet. It seemed like she couldn't wait to outlast Alexis and was very happy to claim the last laugh but there are 3 more Beauties to axe and 10 more castaways to outlast. I'd be happy if Morgan wins this game but so far, I think she doesn't have the edit of a winner and I don't know how she'll reach the end through NuAparri. She's clearly on the outs in that group but we'll see. I think the merge is going to be chaotic and Morgan can jiggle her way with every crack she encounters along the way.

5. Tasha
Her death glare when Tony pulled Jeremiah for a fake idol was fierce and hilarious. Gotta love Tasha. It's unfortunate because each of the Brains obviously had the say on who they're voting out but the editors divided their airtime and Tasha didn't receive much of it. I hate the editing this episode. Really vague.

4. Alexis
 I hated Alexis the episode Brice was voted out but quickly redeemed herself after that episode. Like what Spencer mentioned, confident and intelligent women are attractive. Alexis possesses both qualities and she's not afraid to show it. Unfortunately, she got too aggressive to the point that it made sense for all of them to vote her out because she clearly showed that she knows the game. It would have been awesome to see her strategic prowess in the merge because I know that she could do major damages but the Brains are just too smart to figure her out. It's funny how disappointed I was of Alexis during the first two hours of this season because I thought she's too passive. But apparently, I was wrong about her. I felt sad when she was voted out. She was so sure that she's safe. I can't imagine how awful that was. Her reaction said it all. Reminded me of Kat's blindsided reaction in One World.

3. Kass
I love Kass' look in her confessionals before Tribal Council. She was blooming and I think it's the first time I saw her relaxed and elated. There's a gleam on her face, I love it. It really pays off to be a Brain in the NuAparri. Also, the zombie reference ^_^ Although zombies eat brains :///

2. Spencer
I love that he says all the right things to Jeff and his opponents when what he says doesn't necessarily mirrors his thoughts about the game. I enjoyed his conflicting manner outside and inside of his confessionals. In Survivor, I think it's wise to just keep your thoughts in confessionals. It seems like he has trust issues, though. That's fair but it could also be his downfall. Either way, he's the most visible Brainiac so I think his downfall is near or he's going to win this game.

1. Jeremiah
He has exceeded my expectations. I thought for sure he's there for the exposure but I think he actually wants to win the game. He's continuously making efforts to climb the trust ladder of the Brains and he's successful in it. I appreciate the fact that he's trying to save himself without putting his other tribemates in jeopardy. That's smart because you want to enter the merge in a unified group. Also, gotta give the man Jeremiah props for figuring out Tony. No one believed him because of his reputation but it's impressive nevertheless. Also, it seems like Morgan and Jeremiah fixed their issues. Go Team JereMorgan!


Next week: MERGE! To be quite honest, I'm worried for the Brains. Sarah seems conflicted which indicates she's not solid with the NuAparri. There's a possibility that Jeremiah would flip. Ugh. Also, the NuSolana alliance has a villain in Tony who has proven that he can lie his way to get further in the game. As much as people see through him, I don't know how he escapes from his lies. I'm worried about him. But next week should be fun. Love merge episodes!

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