Sunday, April 27, 2014

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 9 Ranking

So basically at this point of Survivor Cagayan, the remaining episodes would be great only if someone from the Brady Bunch flips to Tasha and Spencer. I'm saddened by this thought because this season has been great.

I'm a huge Tasha/Spencer fan that's why even though I appreciate what Tony/Woo/Trish bring to the table, I just can't wholeheartedly root for them. But oh well... I should be used to this as my favorites don't always go to the end anyway.

This will surely affect my opinion of Cagayan when it ends. But I'm still holding on for my favorites so stay hopeful, Jay.

Trish wins this week's Plummy. She's playing the best game right now and I can already see her winning with her chances in the game. Find out why in this ranking:

8. Jefra
She's just irredeemable at this point in the game. She's the duddest of all duds and it's a shame because she's part of a great cast. She had so much promise since the previews last episode. Even Parvati was rooting for her to be amazing. And she was becoming amazing as the episode progressed until she proved to be a weak follower again when Trish consoled her. It was her time to shine, it was her time to change the game. It's in her hands just like how Dawn's denture was in Brenda's hands. But she blew it. Hard. So I just can't at Jefra right now. It's probably good for her longevity but it's not good for her chances of winning.

I am suddenly reminded of Ciera's move last season. I was a huge fan of Ciera until she blew the chances of the loved ones (Hayden, Katie, Caleb, Ciera), but when she realized that she made a mistake, she redeemed herself by putting herself in danger by picking rocks. What I love most about it is her reason behind it. She's right when she said that she'd probably go to the end with Tyson, Monica and Gervase but there's no way she'd win in it. In fact, she's at the bottom of that alliance and there's no way they'll allow her to reach the end. With the risk that she took with Katie and Hayden, her longevity would crumble but if it would work and she goes to the end with the two, her chances of winning would have been huge. As she took the game by her own hands and I just know that it was worth it even if she ended up being 5th instead of 4th/finalist. 

Same with Cagayan, It doesn't matter anyway. They're almost at the end. It was the right time for Jefra to flip it and put a huge move in her resume. But anyway, I doubt Tasha/Spencer/Jeremiah would include her in the finals unless a power struggle strikes them. Still... ugh Jefra doesn't deserve this writeup. 

7. Kass
Kass just doesn't have a chance of winning the game. No one believes her anymore. No one trusts her. No one considers her a great gameplayer. She's just a number for her allies. She's right when she said that Tasha/Spencer are threats, but she'd be one of them if she sticked by them. I should have realized this a long time ago but I was still in denial that she completely flipped on the Brady people because I used to like her, love her even.

6. Woo
Woo continues to be a fun presence this season. From his papaya butt scene and confessionals, I appreciate what he brings to the table. But he's just a sidekick right now and I can't support that further.

5. Spencer
Nothing spectacular with Spencer this episode. His idol was impotent. But I'll remain on team Tasha/Spencer. I wish they pushed harder for Jefra to stay to their side though. I think they could have blackmailed her with the HII (I don't know if that would work), I wish he'd talk to Jefra at least if they're voting for her or worked with Jeremiah to find out who the other side was voting, I wish he gave Jeremiah the idol. But I understand why all of those didn't happen. Spencer was also looking out for himself. It'd be a great risk if he gave the idol to Jeremiah and yes, it would have worked wonders but if it didn't, then Spencer was a fool for doing it. I really think they could have turned the table though. It's possible. Hard but possible.

4. Tony
Tony is having a massive number of haters right now but I just don't hate him for having the special idol nor for receiving a lot of airtime. It was not his fault. It's the editors or the people who tipped him about the idol. LOL. I refuse to believe that it was rigged for him though even if it's possible. But even without it, I love his energy about the game. I love his aggression. I love when he taunted Spencer at Tribal. Who does that? He's playing! And he's playing to win! He's doing all things he can for him to go further and even if he kind of humiliated Spencer at last Tribal by talking about his inexperience and all, look at what's going to happen next episode. It seems like the two will work again. Previews have been misleading for the last couple of episodes though so.. :/

3. Jeremiah
I've grown to be a fan of Jeremiah for the past couple of episodes. I've always been Team Morgan ever since they voted separate ways during Brice's boot but ever since the tribal shuffle, he turned into this likable, smart human being that there's no way you'll hate him. He's probably the nicest player to play on Survivor. Yes? I laughed at his "headbutt" confessional. It's such an extremely nice gesture. Like what I mentioned in Spencer's writeup though, he could have swayed Jefra more especially that he's game was on the line. But I feel like he just sort of surrendered and didn't want to beg nor scramble. Oh well, google him guys. "Jeremiah Wood model"

2. Tasha
I never would have expected for Tasha to be a fierce challenge competitor. 9 or 10 episodes in or whatever, but she's still surprisin me. I still remember the time when she surprised me about her social and strategic skills. She's now considered a triple threat and Jeff Probst likes that and I'm happy because if she doesn't succeed in this season, she'll surely be contacted for a returnee season. Unfortunately, I don't think the editors are Tasha's fan. It's such a shame because they could have made Tasha a legend right now by putting a little more airtime for her but they continue to focus on others and Tasha's one of the sacrificial lambs. But oh well, she could have been completely invisible this episode but because of her balancing skills, she didn't let her edit become invisible. Gotta love Tasha and I hope she makes it to the end. With where things are heading though, I think she's toast in the next episode or two. This brings me back to Kass. She's the person to blame for all of these. :(

1. Trish
Trish is not the biggest threat. Trish is not a goat. Trish has a shield in Tony/Woo. Trish has an alliance with two main targets in Spencer/Tasha. Trish is in an alliance with two goats in Kass/Jefra. So her chances among these players are huge. Lindsey is not in the jury. Trish didn't make enemies with the jury so far. What more could she ask for? Plus, last episode proved more what I already saw in her before. She can filter the hell out of her words depending on who she's talking to. She's also not playing with her heart. It was proven when she didn't stay mad at Tony for keeping her out of the 'vote out LJ' plan. In fact, she sticked with him even though one of their allies, Jefra already wanted to flip. And when their alliance was in trouble because of Jefra, she convinced her to stay by badmouthing Tony and she did that with so much damage control in case Tony finds out about it. And when Tony talked to them, Trish immediately handled the situation without addressing that it's Jefra who's having concerns. She just told him that all of them were wary of him and it worked wonders for the alliance. She was the glue and she's always been the problem solver ever since the merge. I even though she's gonna fix the LJ problem in last week's episode. Trish is playing a great game right now. I wish she's my favorite but I've always been a fan of underdogs and Trish is on top of all things. I recognize her game, though. I think she has this in the bag.

She is winning. For the next four Tribal Councils, it's going to be either Tasha/Spencer first or Tony/Woo or any of this combination. Trish will be with Jefra and Kass in the Final 3 and she'll beat any of those two.

I gotta say I'm not a fan of that final 3 that I predicted but we'll see. There are a few episodes to come and if those 3 prove that they're fierce competitors then I might have a change of heart.

Trish has already proven that she's great but I want more. Kass, I want more from her too because no more #ChaosKass since President Sarah's boot.

All I know is though, that Jefra is irredeemable.

NEXT EPISODE: I'm just not thrilled anymore. There'll be an auction so let's hope that it'd be fun. It seems like Tony and Spencer will be working together but I won't get my hopes up. I think we're going to say goodbye to Spencer/Tasha next episode. :(

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