Thursday, May 1, 2014

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 10 Ranking

This can't be said enough but this is really an unpredictable season. My blog entry for last week's episode proves that. Because the result of this episode negated all of my predictions.

Ha! I'm having a love-hate relationship with this season but I think at the end of this all, it's going to be in my Top 10. I'm pretty sure I'd be bummed again if one of Tasha/Spencer leaves next episode but they've survived so much that I'm already satisfied with their placement even if they do end up being voted out next week. I'm still hoping they would succeed.

Waahh I literally just watched the episode so the adrenaline is flowing through my fingers as I type this but it's literally my reaction when I saw the third Jefra vote. WAH!

Suck it Jefra! If you helped Jeremiah, Tasha and Spencer last episode then you'd be in the Final 4, then you would have gone with head held high. Okay, there's no guarantee that that would happen since Tony has millions of idol but she would have left without getting blindsided and she'd left the game knowing that she made a big move.

But she blew it and she'll remain, as she's always been, a footnote to this season. I don't even understand how she has fans!

But anyway, finally the first Plummy for Tasha. She's always been the bridesmaid but now she's the bride of this episode. Yes, Tony hatched the plan to vote out Jefra. Yes, he found the idol and he's got two idols in his pocket, but one of the reasons why Tony got paranoid was because of Spencer and Tasha.

Both Spencer and Tasha did their roles perfectly in this blindside. Tasha stayed with the women for as long as she can to keep Tony thinking that there's a women's alliance brewing. Then Spencer spilled Jefra's blindside plan to Tony. It all worked perfectly.

But even if both did their thing, I just know that if Tasha didn't win that Immunity, Tony wouldn't flip to their side again. Tasha is an unbelievable challenge, social and strategic threat that it wouldn't make sense for Tony not to vote her out if she didn't win Immunity. But she did! Woohoo! She rightfully deserves this episode's precious Plummy and all the remaining contestants have finally and rightfully won their own! Proves how great this final 6 is. :)

7. Jefra
Satisfying is an understatement to define Jefra's boot. Spencer summed Jefra up in his voting confessional. If Jefra wasn't a follower, if Jefra trusted her instinct that she doesn't want to get fooled by Tony, then I think (debatable, to be quite honest) she would have lasted longer or get some respect from the jury. But she chose the lame path, played the safe game, and look what happened to her? Blindfuckingsided. And oh, it's so delicious. It's literally the definition of bad karma. It must be horrible that the player who she thought fooled her is the same player that orchestrated her elimination. But that's Survivor Jefra, you should have trusted your instinct.

6. Trish
Trish was almost invisible this episode aside from her funny antics. Don't have much anything to say about her but I still think that she's winning. For a winner though, she't not as visible as she should be. But her gameplay is being recognized so she should be good.

5. Kass
Kass is blindsided again this episode and I like the look on her face when she learned that Jefra's leaving. But what I like more about Kass this episode is that she showed more of her personality which supported her being a villain of this season. The show barely produces a villain anymore so I'm really glad that Kass is a legit villain and from the previews for the next episode, it seems like I'm going to like her again. Please continue to play with your emotions Kass!

4. Woo
What's missing during his scene in the auction was a hashtag on the screen. A legit and popular hashtag - #FOODPORN. Woo continues to be a fun presence. I love that he helped Tony to blindside Jefra but other than that, let's face it, Woo wouldn't win. At least he's not boring.

3. Spencer
Geez, I'm really surprised and confused by the hate Spencer's been receiving. He could be a little smug but he's so harmless at this point in the game. He's not even rude to be hated. For a player who's been constantly under a dark cloud throughout the game, I really don't understand where the hate is coming from. He's got the whiterock for crying out loud. But anyway, both Spencer and Tasha played their roles perfectly in why Tony got paranoid and why Jefra was blindsided. Their genders also served great purpose for this episode. Way to go for blabbing Jefra to Tony. He did it with the right timing and it worked. 

2. Tony
Tony is another player that has increasing haters. I somewhat understand it as he's kind of reminiscent of Russell. But he's so much better attitude-wise and gameplay-wise. I'm not sure about gameplay hehe but he's very entertaining that's why I like him. Russell was just infuriating. Tony is now guaranteed of a Final 4, but I don't see him reaching the end. I'd be ecstatic to see him win but he hasn't showed great challenge skills yet to win Immunity come Final 4/3. But for now, I gotta thank Tony for helping Tasha/Spencer survive. He's one of the reasons why I'm still loving this season because this could easily have a Pagonging but Tony is preventing it from happening. People are complaining about this but I'm pretty sure they would be complaining more if no flips happened this merge. So we should be thankful for Tony Vlachos. Such a compelling character.

1. Tasha
She's the real triple threat of this season. I never would have predicted her to win three Immunity challenges. Consecutively. But she did and I'm so proud of her. I'm even proud FOR her. Now I understand why they kept on showing her leading the Brains in challenge practices and all. Plus, her performance in the pole challenge. Practice indeed makes perfect. And I have to take what I said in my last blog entry stating that she's not yet a legend for her edit. Forgive me, but everyone would agree that she's now a legendary Survivor player and she's definitely one of the All Stars product when this season wraps up. I just gotta thank the Survivor Gods for her existence because she serves as the fuel to why I'm still watching this show. Well, I'll never miss an episode anyway haha but I'll always have an enthusiasm to watch this season because Tasha keeps on surviving. Tasha keeps on winning. It's always exciting when a player you're rooting for is not in the majority yet she keeps on winning clutch challenges. With her challenge skills and strategic skills, swimming and bonding with women almost all throughout the episode, she saved herself in an awesome impressive fashion. I really hope she wins this game and I'm putting her back in my Winner prediction just because I think she can. Please please please. :)

1. Trish
2. Tasha

Next episode: It seems like #ChaosKass is back and I hope she's one of the main reasons why their alliance would crumble and I hope there's no turning back. Excited for next week! These players always keep me on my toes though so I guess I shouldn't be that excited. Either way, I'm just glad that these players continue to deliver.

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