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Nymph()maniac Vol. I and Vol. II

Director: Lars von Trier
With: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stacy Martin, Stellan Skarsgård, Shia Labeouf, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Connie Nielsen, Hugo Speer, Felicity Gilbert, Jamie Bell, Willem Dafoe, Mia Goth, Michaël Pas

Let me start this writeup by sharing their ridiculous chant: "MIA VULVA MIA MAXIMA VULVA"

That and more is in store for you in this film.

This movie is manufactured for every sexually driven person...NOT. If you're interested to see this because of sex and explicitness then think again. You won't get disappointed because it's filled with naked people having sexual intercourse, but trust me when I say that it will be overwhelming and definitely not in a good way. That is unless if you're into hardcore mindfuckage and madness, but if you're not, I've warned you. You better prepare if you're curious about the film.

I should have seen this coming because after all, it's directed and written by Lars von Trier. But prepared or not, I think it would astound a lot of people.

Not devoid of art for sure. It has a lot of intriguing and absurd metaphors, a chockful of gimmicks are present as well, but other than that it's extremely painful to watch. People are saying that Steve McQueen's Shame is hard to watch? Try this because it's nothing compared to this. And to be quite honest, I don't find Shame that dark anyway so I guess it isn't a good comparison but both tackled sex addiction as their theme except this one is in a whole new level.

It's pure visual sadism. If you want to experience visual sadism (which I just made up), then this is the party for you.

Pretty sure that this would easily make Buzzfeed and other websites' lists of most disturbing films. I knew I would if I'd make any. It's up there with Salò and Cannibal Holocaust. So... :/

Nymph()maniac Volume I

Volume I is more bearable than the second. It focused on the first half of the life of Joe, the protagonist of the film. Joe is a girl by the way, and the young Joe was portrayed by a modelesque actress Stacy Martin who is very reminiscent of Eva Green in The Dreamers.

The whole movie is about Joe's life as a nymphomaniac and it was being narrated by the old Joe played by LVT's "depression trilogy" muse, Charlotte Gainsbourg. She's telling her story to Seligman played by Stellan Skarsgård. Seligman took Joe to his loft after seeing her beat up in an alley.

When Joe regained her energy and sense, her and Seligman talked. A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, she started her story from the beginning of her sexual awakenings to what got her in the alley. Seligman matched it with questions and his own stories as well. Joe provided the nympho story and Seligman provided the metaphorical heavy aspect of the film.

I must say that they have good chemistry. It turned out be necessary for the build up of their character's relationship which peaked in the second volume. I thought Gainsbourg's way of narration was kind of more suitable in a documentary film though, so I wasn't totally impressed. Her acting chops was showcased well however in Volume II.

Gotta love Joe's story when she was young. Love the Lust vs Love aspect and how she struggled to cope up with it. It channels a little sexiness to the film's horrific vibe.

Another thing it has are familiar actors and I like that. It has young Philomena and ironically she's a slut in this film. From being a saint-like character to this, way to go! LOL But she's a gorgeous slut and a decent actress. It also has Uma Thurman who acted her ass off. Her character is ridiculous and crazy and I love it. Spilling the truthpaste everywhere she goes. She had one of the fewest airtime in this film but she managed to be my favorite in this huge ensemble.

This volume also has a penis montage and it's plain cringeworthy and disgusting. I felt like LVT was trolling at this part of the film. I mean, why??? He's obviously torturing his viewers. Very unnecessary but like I said, he's a troll.

Its ending defined my judgment of the film. Great but just not my cup of tea. It has a great impact but it's nothing compared to Volume II's ending.

Nymph()maniac Volume II

Volume II is much more powerful to me but that doesn't say much because I'm not really into both of these films. Its ending, like I mentioned earlier, defined the entire movie. It's one that would stay in you like a nightmare which I think is LVT's sinister plan for the film.

On one hand, I appreciate the fact that it provided a huge impact but on the other hand, I don't like the impact. Tewewew.

Volume II gives a lot of light to what happened to Joe at the end of Volume I and yes, I used the term light but what occurred to her was actually dark and depressing. The actions Joe took to solve her itch for lustful sensation was barbarous. It would challenge you if you're going to continue or just get over it. It would make you question yourself why you are watching it.

If you're a fan of Jamie Bell then you might like this volume because he took a distinctly strong but kind of insane character in this film, something completely different and he was very impressive in committing to that role. His character is an instrument to Joe's sanity but he treats her like a slave during the process. I must say that his chapter is one of the hardest chapters to watch because it involves graphic sadism. It was disgusting just thinking about it.

But other than Jamie Bell's chapter, everything about this volume is actually brutal but all of them serve as a great buildup to the end of the film which ironically also gives sense to the beginning of the whole movie.

And I keep on gushing about the ending but it's really the part that made this whole torturous movie have sense. It's like the reward for the neverending explicit scenes except not really, because the sense I'm talking about is probably the most haunting part of this whole thing.

It's disturbing but it's also the reason why I have an ounce of appreciation for this film. Reminds me of Martyrs' ending, a completely different movie but both have great disquieting effect that makes you want to discuss it with people.

LVT's intention and vision was solid and clear throughout the film for this ending to work so well. It's really like an April Fool's joke thinking about it but I appreciate it. It's a good and memorable twist. Would I sit through this film again? Probably not. Would I recommend it to my friends? I guess so but I'll let them know to take into consideration that this would corrupt their beautiful minds in an ugly way.

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SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 5 Ranking

Weird episode. No one stood out this week. Shorter scrambling time which is unfortunate because I was curious on which zombie the Brains tribe are gonna pick. But they didn't elaborate on that. Finally, I love me some good blindside but the voted out player's reaction made me feel bad. Weird because I'm usually ruthless especially to blindsided players who aren't necessarily my favorites.

In short, the episode left a bad taste in my mouth. As for the Plummy, I'm conflicted on who should I give it to. I'm leaning towards one of these three: Spencer, LJ and Jeremiah

Spencer seemed like the leader of the Brains decision-making right now but it's kind of ambiguous because they only showed his remarks about the voted-out player, Alexis. I wanted to know Tasha and Kass's side but they only chose a few confessionals from them about the situation in
NuAparri. It's also not clear why they had a general consensus on voting out Alexis. I'm wondering if Morgan has a say on it too because she seemed certain and satisfied that Alexis was leaving. It is a mystery.

I'm also leaning towards LJ because his confessional this episode was fascinating. His opinion about Tony indicates that he's wary of him but then again, he didn't say anything because he's still not in the best position in his tribe. He's doing everything a strategy-centered viewer would want a player to do. REALLY REALLY impressive and I'm tempted to give him the third Plummy but he's only a footnote this episode.

Jeremiah, on the other hand, was almost voted out. But he saved himself from backing off a bit despite Tony's plan on putting the target on him when he's already on the tribe's chopping block. He totally saw through Tony's plan in sabotaging his game and was able to do damage control. Whether it worked or not, we don't know. Spencer didn't believe him and was a bit skeptical but we can't blame him because after all, they're playing Survivor.

Spencer did a great job weighing their options. Jeremiah fought to save himself from the numerous targets on his back c/o Tony, Morgan, Alexis. I can only assume what really happened in NuAparri. Whether Jeremiah truly saved himself from being voted out as we saw from last week to this week, or Alexis dug her own grave, or it was Spencer who really saw through these people's plans, I don't know. The editors didn't make it clear.

The episode was pretty vague but I gotta give Jeremiah props for continuously proving why they can trust him without being too forceful, figuring out Tony's plan to destroy his game, and continuously trying to win the Brains' hearts. All of it paid off and he was spared from being voted out. And for that, he wins this week's Plummy.

13. Lindsey
I like Lindsey's side in the Trish-Lindsey feud but I just don't like quitters on Survivor.

12. Jefra
Jefra Bland

11. Tony
Gotta appreciate Tony for stirring the pot at NuAparri but I really hate his way of playing the game. Well, I guess it's not his game but his side, his alliance, I just hate them. They're dull and unlikable. Top 5, Baby. Pfft

10. Trish
She's kinda aggro this episode and I didn't like it. I usually appreciate this kind of persona in reality shows but I think she just kind of crossed the line? She's being a bully towards Lindsey. I chuckled at her punchline though about her being a former man. LOL. I wonder who drew the "SHAME ON YOU LINDSIE" on the sand?

9. Woo
I don't think we'll get an exciting scene from Woo starting next week. He's nice, he's pleasant, had a great sportsmanship especially about the Cliff blindside. He quickly integrated himself from the NuSolana Five but he's also quickly becoming boring. I don't see him stirring the pot come merge and he's going to just be a follower. I predict he's leaving in the merge double boot episode.

8. Sarah
Kudos for picking the better threesome at NuAparri. I'm kind of confident she'll stick with them after hearing Tony's "Top 5 Baby" but I think she's gonna coast through the end by flip flopping sides. She's in an awesome position so I hope she makes the ride fun.

7. LJ
LJ is the only likable one in the NuSolana alliance which is weird because he's very laidback and very boring. But his insights about the game, about Tony's behavior was great. He's really going to win this, is he?

6. Morgan
Morgan got her first revenge and it was sweet. It seemed like she couldn't wait to outlast Alexis and was very happy to claim the last laugh but there are 3 more Beauties to axe and 10 more castaways to outlast. I'd be happy if Morgan wins this game but so far, I think she doesn't have the edit of a winner and I don't know how she'll reach the end through NuAparri. She's clearly on the outs in that group but we'll see. I think the merge is going to be chaotic and Morgan can jiggle her way with every crack she encounters along the way.

5. Tasha
Her death glare when Tony pulled Jeremiah for a fake idol was fierce and hilarious. Gotta love Tasha. It's unfortunate because each of the Brains obviously had the say on who they're voting out but the editors divided their airtime and Tasha didn't receive much of it. I hate the editing this episode. Really vague.

4. Alexis
 I hated Alexis the episode Brice was voted out but quickly redeemed herself after that episode. Like what Spencer mentioned, confident and intelligent women are attractive. Alexis possesses both qualities and she's not afraid to show it. Unfortunately, she got too aggressive to the point that it made sense for all of them to vote her out because she clearly showed that she knows the game. It would have been awesome to see her strategic prowess in the merge because I know that she could do major damages but the Brains are just too smart to figure her out. It's funny how disappointed I was of Alexis during the first two hours of this season because I thought she's too passive. But apparently, I was wrong about her. I felt sad when she was voted out. She was so sure that she's safe. I can't imagine how awful that was. Her reaction said it all. Reminded me of Kat's blindsided reaction in One World.

3. Kass
I love Kass' look in her confessionals before Tribal Council. She was blooming and I think it's the first time I saw her relaxed and elated. There's a gleam on her face, I love it. It really pays off to be a Brain in the NuAparri. Also, the zombie reference ^_^ Although zombies eat brains :///

2. Spencer
I love that he says all the right things to Jeff and his opponents when what he says doesn't necessarily mirrors his thoughts about the game. I enjoyed his conflicting manner outside and inside of his confessionals. In Survivor, I think it's wise to just keep your thoughts in confessionals. It seems like he has trust issues, though. That's fair but it could also be his downfall. Either way, he's the most visible Brainiac so I think his downfall is near or he's going to win this game.

1. Jeremiah
He has exceeded my expectations. I thought for sure he's there for the exposure but I think he actually wants to win the game. He's continuously making efforts to climb the trust ladder of the Brains and he's successful in it. I appreciate the fact that he's trying to save himself without putting his other tribemates in jeopardy. That's smart because you want to enter the merge in a unified group. Also, gotta give the man Jeremiah props for figuring out Tony. No one believed him because of his reputation but it's impressive nevertheless. Also, it seems like Morgan and Jeremiah fixed their issues. Go Team JereMorgan!


Next week: MERGE! To be quite honest, I'm worried for the Brains. Sarah seems conflicted which indicates she's not solid with the NuAparri. There's a possibility that Jeremiah would flip. Ugh. Also, the NuSolana alliance has a villain in Tony who has proven that he can lie his way to get further in the game. As much as people see through him, I don't know how he escapes from his lies. I'm worried about him. But next week should be fun. Love merge episodes!

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The Lego Movie

Director: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
With: Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, Charlie Day, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman

Moving and talking toys in movies is nothing fresh. It's been done three times by Toy Story. Wreck-it-Ralph is also kind of similar and perhaps, there are other films that I don't know about which had done it. The Lego Movie is no different, even its story has similarities with the above-mentioned films. But its execution is what makes it topnotch.

There's no other perfect title for The Lego Movie than 'The Lego Movie'. It's indeed the movie of Legos. The Lego world as seen in this film is just spectacular. Like I couldn't imagine how it's done because it's very detailed and packed with animations that's just visually astonishing.

There's no wonder that kids would enjoy this as even me who's not fond of these kind of films was thoroughly entertained. That's because the humor in this film is kind of adult appropriate. See, it's a film for all ages. Let the kids be entertained by the visuals and let the humor amuse the adults who went to see this film with their children. After all, lego belongs to the generation who are now grown ass men and women.

There's nothing more cliche with what I'm about to say but The Lego Movie is indeed, awesome. :3

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 4 Ranking

Tribal shuffle and new tribal dynamics. I hated this twist when it was first introduced way back in the third season, Survivor Africa. But I've grown to appreciate it over the years as it brings more complexities in the players' strategies creating friction and drama that viewers like me want to see. This twist either brings luck or misfortune to certain castaways and thankfully, only few of my favorites were screwed by this twist.

The last couple of shakeups have been lame as it made one tribe way more powerful physically than the other. Thankfully, the outcome of the tribal shuffle this season is great. As we've witnessed in this episode, it made room for a lot of betrayals, new alliances, and new stars of the game. Exciting!

NuAparri consists of Kass, Spencer, Tasha, Morgan, Alexis, Jeremiah and the odd one out, Sarah.

In Survivor Philippines, we've witnessed the come from behind victory of Denise Stapley who's been in the losing tribe throughout the whole pre-merge of the game. From the dissolved Matsing, her and Malcolm who were allies got separated from each other. Malcolm went to the winning tribe Tandang and Denise to Kalabaw.

This season, it seems like we're bound to witness another come from behind victory care of one of the three original Brain tribemembers: Tasha, Spencer and Kass.

It really pays off for players coming from a weak tribe who ended up harmoniously entering a tribal shakeup. With Tasha and Kass' decision to spare Spencer from the game in their last Tribal Council, it made them more solid and Spencer felt like he needed to prove his loyalty to the two who saved him.

And now with this twist, they are unscathed and stronger than ever. They're not necessarily in a better tribe challenge wise, but their percentage of winning immensely increased. Even if they lose the remaining Immunity challenges before the merge, the players that ended up with them don't trust each other to stick together and counter attack them. Morgan, Jeremiah and Alexis all want to be with them. Great thing for Kassha and Spencer, they're making the most of their situation and are more inclined in creating more conflict to these Beauties. This is their time to gain numbers so I can't wait to know who among Sarah, Morgan, Alexis and Jeremiah would win their hearts. Now, these people should bow down to them as they're at their mercy.

Plus, there's Sarah whom I must say should be thankful albeit being left out as the only original Aparri in the NuAparri, as she's saved from the self destructing NuSolana. Which brings us to them.

NuSolana consists of Trish, Cliff, Tony, Woo, Lindsey who are all from the original Brawns tribe and the outsiders LJ and Jefra from the original Beauty tribe. They're clearly outnumbered but once again, this episode proves that entering a tribal shuffle without the numbers doesn't always mean you're toast.

The Brawns tribe have been chaotic solely because of Tony's lies and it brought us this Cliff blindside. Whether it's good or bad decision, we'll never know until we see how their games unfold.

The line has been drawn in the NuSolana and I can't pick which side I'm rooting for in it. Fact of the matter is, I don't really care that much about their tribe. The NuAparri tribe is clearly the more likable one and I'm more invested in the future of that tribe. Really happy how this game turned into.

This week, LJ is once again the recipient of the valued Plummy for saving his outnumbered self from the crowded and dysfunctional Brawns tribe and for keeping his idol in his pocket making him the first castaway to receive two Plummy's. =o

14. Tony
 He seems like a nice guy outside the game and just excited to experience all the attention he's getting but geez, I think he made a BAD move this episode. He's the King of the Brawns tribe so while he's at it, why not save all his Brawns peasants as far as possible before jumping ship to people he hardly even know or hardly even trust. Making a new alliance with LJ and Jefra go is so random when he even commented after the Immunity Challenge that LJ has got to go. He only made LJ more powerful than ever. I could understand Trish's decision because she's the one who has really bonded with LJ but Tony?? WHAT THE HELL?? Don't get me wrong, I've been praying for a Brawn boot the last couple of weeks and Tony and Trish provided it BUT it's so wrong in so many levels. Unnecessary. He just made the Beauties more powerful. Oh well... it's definitely good TV.

13. Jefra
Not so impressed. She let LJ play for her. Even LJ made a speech to the Brawns people about sparing him assuming that he's willing to vote out Jefra.I guess she's just a loyal player like what she said in her preshow interviews but that's dull and uninteresting. Her accent though, reaaaaally adorable.

12. Cliff
Yes, I like Cliff. I think he's likable and influential as Tony said but do you agree that his elimination is also kind of his fault? Trish mentioned that she's on the outs in their tribe, that Cliff is shady, and that Cliff never talked to him. Trish has all the reasons to vote Cliff out and Cliff also has all the reasons not to alienate Trish or at least keep Tony in making the Brawns tribe strong. Cliff was too passive and so are his friends Woo and Lindsey. They just sat there badmouthing Trish. They got too relaxed. Thinking about it, it's really frustrating because they didn't do anything about it. They solidified each other's votes but didn't care for Trish or Tony or even deceive LJ and Jefra. So I guess, good riddance!

11. Jeremiah
Jeremiah approached Kassha about saving him and keeping him as an ally. I appreciate that. Fight! But between Jeremiah, Morgan and Alexis, Jeremiah is my least favorite. I kinda think that he's doing the right things so far, though so he doesn't deserve further hate from me or from anyone.

10. Woo
Woo's blindsided reaction was golden. It seems like it didn't got into him until a few seconds laters. LOL. But he managed to become likable even if he didn't do much. Although at the same time, I kind of blame him for the crumbling of the Brawns because he's supposed to be the glue right now in the NuSolana. I don't think he's made enemies but he also didn't do anything to maintain that so he's in a hot pickle right now and it's also his fault. If Lindsey quits, Woo better start winning the remainng challenges for himself. He's in trouble.

9. Sarah
See? She's more bearable without Tony. I'd rather see her vulnerable and humble in the NuAparri than be strong and confident but delusional because of Tony's lies. Right now, she's in the most unpredictable spot in the NuAparri and even if she reaches the merge, I don't know what she's gonna do and where she's gonna be. She's the epitome of the wild card right now.

8. Lindsey
Her 'Malnutrisha' annoyance is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love how she continues to badmouth Trish with Cliff and Woo but we haven't seen the climax yet as it looks like it's going to be in the next episode. Sadly, Trish got her way in their first Tribal Council together and I hope that that wouldn't stop Lindsey from fighting back. Please don't lose hope and fight. But from the looks of it, I think she's a goner next week. :( So much for Abi Maria Gomes-like potential. But it'll be a first if she quits solely because she just doesn't want to be around Trish anymore. That would be disappointing yet hilarious at the same time.

7. Kass
Kass was kind of under the radar this episode except for her funny commentaries when they went back from Tribal Council after voting out J'Tia. But that doesn't change the fact that she's a favorite and now one of my contenders for the win.

6. Morgan
Her and Alexis are funny in the NuAparri tribe, they don't seem like enemies on the island but they're obviously on to each other. Same with Jeremiah. Once again though, she proved to be a calm player. When Sarah inadvertently exposed Morgan's lie, she didn't scramble nor she didn't admit like she lied hardcore to the Beauties. Alexis eventually realized about her lie but I trust that Morgan is social enough to save herself. Her conversation with the Brains tribe in the NuAparri proves that she can be a social player. But there's still more to her, I can feel it. I hope she wins the hearts of the Brains. Start with Spencer, Morgan!

5. Alexis
I usually gravitate towards underdogs and Alexis hasn't been one ever since the premiere, but I kind of found new appreciation and respect for her because this episode showed her the promise she told her interviewers preshow. Her willingness to jumpship and how she executed it doesn't necessarily translate to great gameplay as the Brains seems like they're still weighing in their options but respect for somehow being aggressive and presenting herself IN the game. I also love her pose in her confessional, shows her confidence and that's sexy. She looked miserable in the Reward Challenge and for that I'm giving her the Paloma Soto-Castillo Award for being similarly dragged down by her opponents in the same challenge Paloma played in Gabon.

4. Spencer
I love Spencer's confessionals this episode. He perfectly described the Beauties in his new tribe -- spreading rumors with each other. Spencer continues to prove that he's indeed a smart player in the game. Something I thought would be a fraud when he kept on telling his pre-show interviewers that he's used to being the smartest in the room or crowd or whatever. He's also smart for talking to these people while reserving his thoughts on who should they pull to their side and who should they vote out. Either that, or it's just editing since they won the Immunity challenge. Either way, he's really good this episode in a different way. Other than being the hero in challenges, he proves that he knows how to play the game. About time, he can strategize again without relying at the mercy of others.

3. Trish
Well look at Trish, just when I was about to drop her from my winner radar, here she is proving that she's still in the running in the race to the Finals. Too early to say but whatever happens, this is clearly her breakout episode and looks like it's going to continue next week or throughout the game. Tribal shuffles truly give other people the opportunity to be in the spotlight and this week it's Trish. She lured the horse trainer easily and vice versa, and I feel like this twosome is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Also, her feud with Lindsey is kind of ridiculous but we take what they provide. It's not the most exciting drama but it sure is one of the realest. This shows personality and whether it's good or bad, I appreciate it!! It's strong nevertheless. She may be playing with her emotions according to other players but I kind of think that her move would actually benefit her and what makes most sense for her game. Also, her laugh WHOALYLOL!

2. Tasha
From Tragedy to Triump indeed. Like Spencer, I love her perspective about her new tribe. She knows that she's on the driver's seat now and she's loving it, and excited about it. But I've been talking about her strategic capabilities in my past writeups. Truth is, the reason she's up here is because of her performance in the Reward Challenge. That challenge was first used in Cook Islands and it's also the first time Candice caught my attention. She was fierce in that challenge. Tasha, she gave Candice Woodcock a run for her money for not letting go from that pole. What a challenge beast!

1. LJ
Yes he's outnumbered. Yes he's boring and has a dreary voice but that won't stop him from continuously slaying the game... against all odds. I can't even decide if the swap was a huge misfortune for his game. I wish it was because he's been on top since the beginning of the game but I feel like Trish's presence made him even more powerful in the game. Now he doesn't only have the Beauties on his side, he also has Trish who's head over heels over him. It's obvious that Trish is a very patriotic woman of Massachusetts and LJ's too lucky he lives in the same state because it's one of the basis why Trish likes him. Trish could be LJ's ticket to the end game and I'm kind of mad because I wanted to see him lose one of his aces, one of which is his Hidden Immunity Idol. But because of his intelligence, Trish's crush for him, Tony's idiocy and the Brawns incompetence, he's still one of the leading contenders in winning the game and he's also able to save his idol. No complains I guess. If he gets there, he totally deserves it.

1. LJ - He's a huge threat and there's still a long way to get to the end. People are going to target him anytime soon as he's already being targeted currently. But he still has the idol, and since the rule for the HII is going to change some time in the game (as stated by Jeff Probst preshow), that would give him way much more power and advantage. I could see him winning this game ala Kim Spradlin's dominant gameplay. Only difference is that Kim was on top throughout the game and LJ started in this tribal shuffle on the outs before taking back the steering wheel.

2-4. Kassha and Spencer - They are the ultimate underdogs and I can see them winning the game just like how Denise Stapley did it. The Beauties and Brawns are too dysfunctional, they're the only united group in this game right now. I could see Trish and LJ being the thorns in their throats along the way.

5. Trish - I think she can win this game or at least get to the end, but somehow her chances are slowly decreasing because I can see her Dawn-ing her way to the end. Making a lot of enemies along the journey. :/

Next week: It seems like Lindsey can handle any amount of rain but when it comes to Trish, she would rather quit than stay anywhere near her. Looks like she's gonna quit and I won't like it. But we'll see. Trish's venom is REAL and we're going to see a glimpse of how Jeff Probst hush a woman!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Director: Bong Joon-ho
With: Chris Evans, Song Kang-ho, Go Ah-sung, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Ed Harris

Been eyeing on this film ever since I saw the cast way back late 2012. I got intrigued because it's directed by a non-Hollywood director yet the ensemble consists of Hollywood actors and actresses like Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, John Hurt, Ed Harris and Chris Evans. A year had passed and it wasn't shown anywhere. Luckily, it was shown early this year in Manila and I made sure too see it as early as possible and I did, and I LOVED it!

I tend to use superlatives when I do writeups like this so I'll just go ahead and say that this is the best dystopian movie I've ever seen (be mindful that I have yet to see Children of Men but it's already in my to-see list). Can't help but compare it to The Hunger Games and I must say that it made The Hunger Games look weak and this is from someone who's also a fan of the latter.

I had no idea about its concept except for its summary description on Wikipedia. Other than that, none. So everything about it felt very original. I just can imagine that it captured the world of Snowpiercer sufficiently. From the inhabitants, to the different rooms that mirror their classes, to the details of the twists, everything was visually cosmic.

It's also fun to see a variety of nationalities in one film or should I say, packed in a dystopian train. Add the fact that Tilda Swinton is one of the cast who was a hoot in all of her scenes. Octavia Spencer also stood out. John Hurt, Ed Harris, Jamie Bell, all of them were praiseworthy. Chris Evans was also unexpectedly effective as the lead rebel of this film. They all served their roles adequately.

I'm impressed that an Asian director like Bong Joon-ho has the bravado to adapt a French graphic novel into a film that has the quality of a Hollywood blockbuster. Makes me sort of envious that Filipino filmmakers don't have his audacity. Make no mistake, this film still has issues with its visual effects but it can easily be forgiven by the tenacity of Joon-ho's direction, extravagant costumes and production designs.

Don't fret, I still see the potential in Filipino filmmakers but let's face it, we only excel in films with limited use of visual effects. There's nothing wrong with that but it'd also be great if someday we'll be able to see a visual effect heavy film Pinoy made. Someday we will!

Overall, Snowpiercer is a joy to watch and if you're into dystopian films, you might find yourself hugely enthused by this. It's smart, it's fun, it's everything you look for in an entertaining film.

Monday, March 17, 2014

60 Best Movie Characters of 2013

It seems like I don't know when to stop. But the year 2013 in movies has been too awesome that I still have a lot of enthusiasm left from the not-so-recently wrapped up season.

Plus, it's not just an incredible year for films, it's also an incredible year for characters. From pirates, to lesbians, to angry housewives, and basically just normal people. All of them are great that it's impossible to narrow them down to 10, or even 25. I tried so hard to ignore some of them but I appreciated them too much. Even Sam from The Bling Ring played by Taissa Farmiga I had a hard time cutting in this list. But I did anyway so I guess she's no. 61.

Now here's my Top 60 Movie Characters of 2013:

60. Duncan, The Way Way Back

59. Lance, Prince Avalanche

58. Gloria, Gloria

57. Ellis, Mud

56. Matt Kowalski, Gravity

55.  Owen, The Way Way Back

 54. Kenny, We're The Millers

53. R, Warm Bodies

52. Jason, The Place Beyond the Pines

51. Elizabeth, Trance

50. Ms. Hussa, Wadjda

49. Jon Martello, Don Jon

48. Emma, Blue is the Warmest Color

47. Violet Weston, August: Osage County

46. Nicki, The Bling Ring

45. Samantha, Her

44. Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street

43. Mama, The Book Thief

42. Mary Epps, 12 Years a Slave

41. Finnick Odair, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

40. Rayon, Dallas Buyers Club

39. Annabelle, The Conjuring

38. Eep, The Croods

37. Rosalyn Rosenfeld, American Hustle

36. Mary, About Time

35. Johanna Mason, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

34. Mum, About Time

33. Rebecca, The Bling Ring

32. Olaf, Frozen

31. Rudy Steiner, The Book Thief

30. Jesse, Before Midnight

29. Grace, Short Term 12
28. Klara, The Hunt

27. Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby

26. Biaggo, The Kings of Summer

25. Jamie, Crystal Fairy

24. Karen Weston, August: Osage County

23. Gloria Gaines, Lee Daniel's The Butler

22. Jonah Hill, This Is The End

21. Papa, The Book Thief

20. Kit Kat, About Time

 19. Barbara Sugarman, Don Jon

18. Woody Grant, Nebraska

17. Holly Jones, Prisoners

16. Philomena Lee, Philomena

15. Jasmine/Jeanette, Blue Jasmine

14. Aimee Finecky, The Spectacular Now

13. Niki Lauda, Rush

12. Tim, About Time

11. Celine, Before Midnight

10. Llewyn Davis, Inside Llewyn Davis

9. Ryan Stone, Gravity

8. Kate Grant, Nebraska

7. Alien, Spring Breakers

6. Muse, Captain Phillips

5. Patsey, 12 Years a Slave

4. Adèle, Blue is the Warmest Color

3. P.L. Travers, Saving Mr. Banks

2. Crystal Fairy, Crystal Fairy

1. Frances Halladay, Frances Ha

That's all! There are 60 of them so I didn't provide writeups for each character but if you've watched these characters, you know why they're the best.

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