Friday, April 11, 2014

SURVIVOR CAGAYAN Episode 7 Ranking

There's no doubt in my mind that this week's episode is the worst episode of the season. Some suggest that Brice's boot was actually worse but I actually like Brice's mainly because the Brains tribe experienced their first win.

Oh well.

Woo receives this week's Plummy. He wasn't successful in finding Spencer's idol but his #NINJASTEALTHMODE moment was fun. Gratz Woo!

And to this week's ranking...

10. Jefra

She just doesn't bring anything to the table aside from being cute and nice. Just not exciting.

9. Spencer

I think one of the reasons why the episode sucked is that it's very Spencercentric. So Spencercentric that the editors completely ignored 2/3s of the cast. Not good. I also didn't like Spencer's rage against Kass. The "estrogen" comment was uncalled for. Spencer is 21-years-old? and in such a young age, I'm afraid that he already resembles some of the older misogynist players from Survivor's past. Let's hope he doesn't become one of them. I'm currently reading Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl and the moment he mentioned Kass' estrogen as Kass source of game decisions or something, it immediately reminded me of Nick Dunne's father. Well, at least he apologized. Also, yes, he was lucky to get the clue, careless for not hiding it, lucky again for finding it, and kudos for winning the challenge. I think he has a great shot of winning or he could be this season's Malcolm. He's already starting to tweet like him.

8. Tony

Crazy because I thought Tony had a lot of airtime this episode but for some reason, I don't remember much about what he did. His confessional about figuring out if Morgan is a person or a pillow and his confessional about Kass' stone face cracked me up but other than that, he's not that entertaining this episode.

7. Trish

I don't recall much about Trish either but I remember loving her approach to Kass regarding their next target. She's really a smooth operator as they say. I guess the episode overall was just so forgettable that I really don't remember much about it, especially Trish.

6. LJ

LJ is giving Eliza and Boston Rob a run for their money as the best puzzle solver on Survivor. He aced the Reward challenge.

5. Jeremiah

Jeremiah continues to be a loyal member of the NuAparri. Before the episode, I thought the NuSolana was going to target him because he's the fittest compared to Tasha and Morgan but I guess he's doing something great on the island that they spared him from being voted out.

4. Kass

I'm waiting for the next episode to declare if I officially hate Kass flipping on the NuAparri 6, despite the fact that I don't like that it caused Morgan's elimination. But Kass continues to make the game interesting. She's still somewhat the star of this episode--her conflict with Spencer, with Morgan, and then being the free agent who can still flip from any side that she wants. She's sorta predictable yet she's also unpredictable. I don't know but obviously, she's so complex that I really don't know what's up her sleeve for the future episodes.

3. Morgan

Morgan was epic this episode. Everything that came out from her mouth was quote worthy. I also really like that she lasted this long because she would have been an early boot in other seasons. I'm disappointed with her edit though. I really thought she's going to be a force in the game. A player who will avenge Brice by being the last Beauty standing. Oh well... Morgan had a great run.

2. Tasha

Tasha was almost invisible last episode. But she did great in the challenge. It would have been better if she won the Immunity but I'm just happy that the NuSolana tribe spared her even if she lost. I really hope Tony and Woo fight next week to make way for Tasha's safety. I miss Tasha being the boss so I really hope we get to see more of her next week bossing her minions to follow her lead ala Tasha back in Luzon Tribe. Out of the remaining contestants, she's my number one to win. With her edit though, I'm starting to become pessimistic.

1. Woo

This cast is amazing. Just when I thought Woo's just gonna coast through the game ever since Cliff was blindsided, there he was garnering his own Survivor hashtag. #NINJASTEALTHMODE. I appreciate when players make effort to usurp the chances of their competitors. It's also a pleasant surprise when Woo revealed that he's actually a huge fan of the show. I thought they just recruited him and he doesn't have a clue about the game. But I was so mistaken. He's playing the game. And from the looks of it, his star is going to continue to shine next episode. I really hope him and Tony start to distrust each other and Woo wins their battle. Because from the boring NuSolana alliance, I find Woo as the most likable. Please flip Woo!

1. Trish
2. Spencer
3. LJ

Next week: All I can say is please flip Woo. I don't want to see another Pagonging. This season's potential to be one of the best would be a waste if this ends up having a Pagonging. But I trust this cast to be awesome and I believe that they'll deliver. Haha this is just me being hopeful. Kass, do your magic. We don't want Jeff Probst and co to believe that newbies provide boring seasons.  For what its worth, this season has been fun already but we can't judge a whole season just by its first half so... we'll see!