Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My favorite songs from 'How I Met Your Mother'

One reason why I watch movies and TV series is because of the awesome songs they feature. For me, a song becomes more memorable if it's incorporated with a scene. Happy scenes become happier, sad scenes become sadder and when it's all over, these songs remind us of scenes that made us laugh, cry, fall in love, or any other emotion that we felt when we heard those songs for the first time. These songs, they never fail to trigger nostalgia.

How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite series to discover new songs and now that it had just wrapped up, it reminded me how much I've discovered so many songs in some of the most memorable scenes in the series.

Aside from their incredible originals such as Let's Go To The Mall which is clearly the best song ever, Sandcastles in the Sand, Beaver, You Just Got Slapped, Marvin's Lullaby, Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit; their own versions of Stand By Me, La Vie en Rose, and Don't Go Breakin' My Heart and featuring popular songs like I Will Remember You by Sarah Mclachlan, You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi, Nice Dream by Radiohead, Eternal Flame by Bangles, Oxford Comma by Vampire Weekend and Simple Song by The Shins, they also featured a lot of songs I've never heard of before.

And since I love the last song that they used in the whole series and I still have remaining feels from the finale, it inspired me to list some of my favorite songs along with their respective scenes from the series and here they are:

"Spit on a Stranger" - Pavement
Victoria and Ted's theme song
Season 1, Episode 13 - "Drumroll, Please"

Who would forget this awesome song? Victoria and Ted may not ended up together but this song always reminds us that aside from Robin and Tracy (the Mother), Victoria will always be Ted's best ex-girlfriend. The sweet melody in this song gives a certain sweetness and sincerity in their tender moments. We also heard this song in a different version when Victoria returned in Season 7.

"Good Feeling" - Violent Femmes
Marshall and Lily's theme song
Season 1, Episode 20 - "Best Prom Ever"

Marshall and Lily both love this song and I also do love this song. This song played in Lily's stereo after Marshall fixed it when they first met. It turned out that they also want this song to be their wedding song. The 88 played this live in the Best Prom Ever episode and it was beautiful. Robin and Ted also danced to this song.

"Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby" - Islands
Barney's apartment makeover c/o of Lily
Season 2, Episode 5 - "World's Greatest Couple"
This song was used in a montage of Lily decorating Barney's apartment to make it more homey and welcoming to women. I just thought it's a fun and catchy song. I remember downloading it right after seeing the episode.

"I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" - The Proclaimers 
Ted and Marshall's roadtrip song
Season 2, Episode 17 - "Arrideverci, Fiero"
This is probably the most classic HIMYM song ever and I only discovered this through the show. It's only recent when I found out that this is actually kind of a popular song and was featured in other movies like Benny & Joon. Since I heard this in HIMYM, it became one of my favorite songs to listen to. Even my nephew digs this. Plus, this song reminds us Marshall and Ted's awesome friendship. I also like when they used this song when teenager Lily pretended to be pregnant to stole some canned goods. Good and fun times!

"Waiting for an Invitation" - Benji Hughes
Stella runs away from her wedding with Ted
Season 4, Episode 5 - "Shelter Island"
This song has a dark tone and message to it that's very suitable for Ted's situation with Stella. But even with its gloomy vibe, I really like it and it's one of the most memorable songs in the series. Laidback but creates a huge impact to the scene.We'll forever despise Stella, and this song will always haunt us of what Stella did to our beloved protagonist, Ted.

"Gorgeous Behavior" - Marching Band
Song at the elevator in the episode The Naked Man
Season 4, Episode 9 - "The Naked Man"
The song is not that prominent in the scene but the first time I heard this in HIMYM, I immediately downloaded it and it's now one of the most played song in my playlist ever since. When I first saw The Naked Man episode, the only song I know from Marching Band was Feel Good About It which I discovered from Zombieland. I thought it's one of those bands that only have 1 good song so when I heard Gorgeous Behavior in HIMYM, I was delighted to find out that it's sung by the band. I love the instruments in it and the playful arrangement of the song is very well suited for The Naked Man which is one of my favorite HIMYM episodes.

"Prophets" - A.C. Newman
The gang jumps from one roof to another
Season 4, Episode 24 - "The Leap"
Of course everyone remembers The Leap and even though I don't remember exactly the whole episode, I remember how inspired I was when I first watched it. The "Leap" was supposed to be a metaphor for some of their issues and Marshall took it literally which prompted the rest to take a leap as well from one building to another. I remember that this scene left me with a great feeling and I must say, it's a great scene to end a season. Prophets is one of those songs that made better by the scene instead of the other way around. I appreciate this song. Man, A.C.  Newman's songs are amazing. I also just recently discovered his song from Walking Dead, "Be Not So Fearful" and even if it's not his original composition, it's great nevertheless.

"Night Moves" - Bob Seger
Barney and Ted's Mom's car make out song
Season 5, Episode 20 - "Home Wreckers"
Ted's mom love this song and Barney played it in his car to turn on Ted's mom. This song was used as a comic relief in the show but it's actually a great song. Isn't it? I love its vibe. I'm thankful to HIMYM for introducing me this song. Also, lol at Mike Hannigan from Friends having the same mom as Ted. Theodore... Bitsy... what a delight!

"Our House" - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Slow mo wrecking of Ted's newly bought house in the suburb; Revealed to be the house in the future
Season 5, Episode 20 - "Home Wreckers"

This episode has so many feels. Ted bought this house in impulse because of sadness. But the gang was there to console him... Lily even told him this: "Usually in life when you make a stupid decision you just have to live with it. But how often do you get the chance to pick up a sledgehammer and bash the living hell out of it". Nuff said. Then, they wrecked the house while this song was playing in the background. It's one of the most iconic scenes for me and the jolly tone of this song sorta helped us endure the sad feeling of Ted. This is one of those scenes that made me feel like they're also my friends. /cheesy :3 Damn, I love this scene, I love them and I miss them already. :(

"Xmas Time Is Here Again" - My Morning Jacket
Song at the end of the episode when Ted convinced the gang to reconsider their decisions when they found out that Marshall and Lily are expecting a baby, only to find out that it's a false alarm
Season 6, Episode 12 - "False Positive"
This is a Christmas song but it has a melancholic vibe to it which made me appreciate it more. I instantly loved the song when I first heard it. It's obviously for a Christmas episode but I don't remember much about it, I just downloaded this song right after watching this episode. I remember liking this episode, though.

"Nothing Shows" - Keegan Dewitt
Marvin Eriksen's Funeral
Season 6, Episode 14 - "Last Words"
Marvin's funeral is one of the saddest point of the series but is also one of the most unforgettable. Marshall's mourning for his father's loss probably made most of the fans cry. I can't help but remember this song from the scene because it's beautiful and heart clutching. Its unfortunate I couldn't find a better copy but the song is too good, it doesn't matter if it has Barney/Robin in them.

"Heavy Hours" - Crooked Fingers
Barney is heartbroken because Robin chose to stay with Kevin
Season 7, Episode 10 - "Tick Tick Tick"
We rarely see Barney sad so when he's sad, there's a huge impact. Barney cleaning his supposed surprise for Robin is probably one of the saddest scenes in the series and this song helped in making the scene even sadder. It's not my favorite song from this list but Barney's heartbreak will always be remembered because of this song. Hence, why I like it. It's sad and memorable and I'm an emotional loser so... ;_;

"Rivers and Roads" - The Head and the Heart
Robin tells Ted that she broke up with Kevin and Ted confessed that he still has feelings for Robin
Season 7, Episode 16 - "The Drunk Train"
Ugh, this is one of the best songs in HIMYM and one of my favorites ever. It's sad and perfect for this sad HIMYM scene. And even though Ted's confession to Robin felt a little random because this was supposed to be the rebirth of Ted's love for Robin this season, the song made it more earnest. Also, Robin was crying in the scene so it made the sad song even more effective.

"Shake It Out" - Florence + the Machine
Robin moves out from Ted's apartment and more
Season 7, Episode 17 - "No Pressure"

Ted alone on the roof lamenting, staring deeply in nowhere, lol. It was a very dramatic scene, almost cheesy to be quite honest, but the use of Florence + the Machine's Shake It Out made the whole Robin moving out of Ted scene serious and memorable. It was sort of corny, yes, and annoying because I was starting to get tired of the Robin-Ted love thing at this point of the series but the montage of their relationship as friends and lovers with this song in the background surely made this scene unforgettable and electrifying. This song was kind of new when they aired it in this episode so thank you HIMYM for introducing this song to me. I will always incorporate this song to Ted and Robin.

"If The Hudson Overflows" - Goldspot
Coming to terms with their "pit person"
Season 8, Episode 11 - "The Final Page - Part I"
Remember the pit? It's one of those HIMYM lessons that stayed with me and even if the lyric of the song has nothing to do with the scene, I find this song really good! Listen.

"Let Your Heart Hold Fast" - Fort Atlantic

Barney proposes to Robin
Season 8, Episode 12 - "The Final Page - Part II"

This is one of the most magical moments of HIMYM may it be the song or the scene, it is AMAAAAAAAAAZINGGGGGG. Goosebumps! and I know all HIMYM fans are astounded by the beauty of this scene and the effect of this song. I'm over the moon just thinking about this scene.

"Heaven" - The Walkmen
Ted arrives at Robin's apartment with the Blue French Horn in his hand. The end of the series
Season 9, Episode 24 - "Last Forever Part II"

This finale is made more memorable because of this song. I'm pretty sure that months from now, I'll get sad and nostalgic if I listen to this song. It's so beautiful! This song was also played in the part where I was about to cry but tried to hold back my tears because I'm watching it in the office. lol. It's just bittersweet seeing the cast one by one at the very end with their pictures from the first season. I was almost hyperventilating. True story. Also, I thought this song was old only to find out that this actually only came out 2 years ago. It has 90s vibe, right?

As a fan myself, I'm pretty sure that these songs made us all nostalgic and there are a couple of songs I forgot to include in this list. I actually can name a few more like Someday by Haroula Rose and the funny Robin-Barney dance tune, Groove is in the Heart. The abovementioned songs are just way more special. Oh well, it's probably time to rewatch the entire series, yes? haha

Thank you Andy Gowan for HIMYM's music. You rock!!!

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